Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Dreams That Money Can Buy

Since some of you expressed an interest in reading a little of my frugality/ financial ramblings I decided I would do a short series of posts on how I have managed to build, live and survive on limited means.  Basically, as I said, how I live like a starving artist but do not starve.  Now, I know even in these days if you suggest to people that maybe they save their money and adopt a less materialistic lifestyle that some will brand you a elitist whacka-do.  But please know, I am not insinuating or outright saying you are a bad or evil person if you don't want to, or simply can't, consider, attempt, improve upon, adapt or do any of the things I suggest.  If you are reading this blog I will assume you are at least somewhat interested in frugality, self-sufficiency and a 'greener, healthier' lifestyle anyway. 
I will do the posts by category of need and the basic needs of most people are Shelter, Food and Clothing; but I'm also going to add Entertainment and Health, because I think those are important. 
Now, it is true that in the last 18 years of my life I have actually done pretty good for myself, having a job that paid rather well.  However, at a couple of early points in my life I have been pretty damn poor, and would be considered extremely poor now (regarding solely my income), so I can say I think I have some experience in which I speak to you.  In other words, I never had Mommy and Daddy there to pull me out of a tight, so I had to learn the hard way how to get by when things were slim.
I would also like to add that I do not have children nor have ever had children, therefore some of what I suggest may not apply if you do have children.  I understand that it is one thing to do without yourself but not acceptable for children to do without some things and I would also never criticize a parent for shopping wherever they felt they were getting the best deal for their kids. 
So, I was going to start out immediately on Shelter within this post but it seems already that it would turn out very long, so I'm actually going to start in the next post.  Also, by Shelter I mean, how did I save, etc. to begin my house and continue building, just so you know what to expect.  And, if you have a question about a particular aspect of the building, saving, spending etc. of my house, please go ahead and ask.


ErinFromIowa said...

I am sitting front and center of the classroom. :)

Rita said...

Just wanted to share. I know if others knew what my income was I would be considered poor. At age 38 I started to college and 4 years later took a job. It was hard and the longer I worked the harder it got. My focus was to pay off my school loan and then we worked on my daughter's loan. It was just the two of us and when my daughter realized we were not paying off the credit card each month that is what we tackled next. Soon came the mortgage. I was given a small piece of land by a relative who passed away and I sold it and paid off my home. Then, I saved to pay off the car. Went in one day and paid the car off. After that I began to save for the next vehicle I would need. This is how we live. We had one tv in our home and basic cable. We used the VCR to tape programs and my daughter took that on as her job. We both did hand work while we watched tv. We baked on the weekends so there would be food to eat during the week. No time to cook with work and school. I didn't know if I was doing all I needed to but we did our best. With the economy the way it is now I'm so glad we did. We don't have everything we want. But we do have some of the things we want and all the things we need. Thank you for telling us about the road you took on your journey.

Deb said...

I can't wait til the next post! And Rita, you are one of the few that has your head on straight!

Pablo said...

You say that the basic needs are Shelter, Food, and Clothing, but I really think you should write some Clothing-optional posts.

Who's with me on this? Anyone?

Richard said...

Looking forward to some interesting posts and insight.

edifice rex said...

Hey Erin! well, now ya'll are making me nervous! lol! just kidding, but I hope I have some info worth sharing.

Hey Reet! Sounds like you and your daughter have done very well and I agree with Deb! thanks for sharing.

Hey Deb! Well, I hope the info is something helpful!

Hey Pablo! LOL! clothing optional huh? I'm not sure many others would be too interested in that but we'll see....;)

Hey Richard! Bud, I been wondering were you been! well, as I said, I hope the info lives up to ya'lls expectations!