Sunday, September 23, 2012

Kitchen Sink Drama

Okay, so there was no actual drama but it makes for a good title anyway.  It did take all day to install this cabinet unit and the sink and faucet, which kinda surprised me, but it went pretty smooth.  Mainly because we got Allen to come down and do it!  Now, the sink is actually only temporarily installed because, if you notice, I have only a plywood countertop there.  When the concrete counters are poured the sink will have to be lifted back out and reset.  Hopefully, it will just be a simple matter of undoing a few connections and then putting them back.  We will have to replace one piece of cheap drain pipe, I think, as the sink will raise 2 inches, but that's nominal to me.

My new sink and faucet!!  Yea!!!  It is so lovely.  I bought a Franke sink and the faucet is a Kohler.  Both of these items were not cheap, let's say, but I believe in buying the best you can to avoid problems later.  I thought it was kinda funny because the instructions on the sink actually say, "congratulations on buying the last sink you'll ever need."  It better be.  So far I am very happy with them both.  We actually put the sprayer and the soap dispenser in the wrong place but the interesting thing about this design is you can move them around in whatever configuration you want.  We may swap a few positions of the things when we take it back out, depending on how I feel actually using it.  I think the control lever might be better on the left, for example.

We are slowly taking each cabinet unit out to stain and finish and then put back in permanently.  Well, they will all get the beeswax finish inside once permanently installed.  I ran out of my original stain because Cabot decided to quit offering a custom mix.  I was very unhappy, and still am, with them for doing this.  And, they made no premixed stain that even came close to the ones they used to offer.  It took many days of searching but I finally found a Rustoleum stain, of all brands, that matched pretty well and that I liked.  In fact, I have switched several items to Rustoleum stains where I used to use Minwax or Cabot.  Rustoleum's colors are beautiful, they dry very fast and don't have near the odor that Minwax does. 

This gap between cabinets is where the dishwasher will go.  Eventually.  After the guys delivered the cabinets and left I realized I was 2 feet short on cabinets for this side.  I was freaking completely out and then after about 15 minutes of pure panic I realized why I was 2 feet "short".  Duh.  I'm still working on getting all the drawers and doors stained so that is why some are missing.

We were planning on buying a new toaster oven and microwave to match all the new stainless appliances but the toaster oven came a little quicker than I intended when the door of the old one fell off the other night.  I was going to wait until all the heavy work was done, so as not to risk dropping something large on them or whatever.  Oh well. 
We will probably not pour the countertops until we get back from the honeymoon and Jack's son can work us into his schedule but that's okay.  I'm going to get the cabinets stained and finished and set and get the plywood tops put on and then really just cease work on the house to get ready for the wedding and relax some. 

My friend Karen kinda got on to me for sounding like a Bridezilla in that last post! lol!  I didn't mean to but maybe I sounded like a bitch.  Most people I talked to said they figured I knew they were coming anyway!  lol!  My sister did call me ranting about why she wasn't making the cake? and such and such.  Now, I have nothing against my sister; she's a good cook.  But she literally runs herself so much doing stuff like this she is seriously affecting her health and her financial well being because she won't charge people enough to cover her costs.  I told her flat out I was not going to contribute to either of those issues.  I told her getting the cake for free was not the point.  Everyone having a nice, relaxed time (without any stress or drama) was the point and it doesn't hurt any that this nice local chef is making a few bucks, which I'm sure right now, she can really use.  She seemed to understand that logic and I still asked her to make a fruit tray and maybe some dip and that seemed to satisfy her.  Now, I just need to get over this horrible head cold... lol!


Anonymous said...

Gift acceptance is often more important than the gift giving. Maybe the sister wishes to feel a part in celebration of your new life, maybe seeking forgiveness of the past. Give her the gift of smiling and accepting another cake.

edifice rex said...

Hey Anon! this is true and you make a good point. However, it's more than just wanting to be a part. My sister has a severe compulsive disorder, seriously, and she is on the brink, if not already over, of ruining her health and life because of the extravagance she feels she needs to go to for people. Because I love my sister I cannot be a part of that. I know that sounds kinda dramatic but you have to know the whole story. I want her to just relax and have a nice time like everybody else and she was happy with the idea of making a couple of hor dourve type dishes.

HermitJim said...

I think that everything will work out for the best in the end.

Looking good, my friend! Won't be long now until the wedding...and then you can finish things up just like you want!

Ed said...

I like Kohler. When I recently replaced the one in our new house, I got the same style but with the water mixing handle mounted on the side of the faucet since I only had a two holer sink. Our current sink though it pretty ugly but when I fix that, I plan on taking the Kohler faucet with me!

ErinFromIowa said...

I wish I could attend your wedding. I just know it is going to be so special and fun. I will be there in spirit though.
I get the part about someone compulsively getting too involved and overdoing in all ways. I knew someone like that.
Enjoying the kitchen progress. I like that toaster oven!

edifice rex said...

Hey jim! yeah, it will. :)

Hey Ed! that's funny because I came really close to getting that one with the lever on the side! Kohler has always been a good product and this one certainly seems to be. I don't blame you for taking it with you! lol!

Hey Erin! yeah, there are several of you readers i wish could be here for the wedding! I appreciate the good vibes though!

Anonymous said...


Time getting short but don't you get cold feet! You and Jack are made for each other and things will be just fine. It's nice to have someone to talk to and spend time with. Living alone would kill me so I better start treating my bride as good as she deserves.

I probably won't make your wedding as we are coming up that following Tuesday and my wife has to work until then. May God bless your union and I'll see you after the "new" wears off!


Woody said...

Looking good Annie! I'm really looking forward to a tutorial on the concrete counter tops. We've talked about using concrete but I would prefer a much better finish than what I know I am presently capable of.

The cabinets look super!


edifice rex said...

Hey Barry! well, I didn't know if ya'll would be able to make it but we wanted to extend the invitation. Maybe we'll see ya'll around the holidays!

Hey Woody! thanks! well, from what I could see from your photos, the guy that finished your barn slab should be able to put a finish on countertops. That slab looked mighty nice. It's mainly in the mix and they are sanded afterwards too. I am anxious to see just how John does them though. I'll try to get lots of pictures.

Plumbing Somerville said...

I love to cook so my kitchen needs to be the best spot in my house. I love the kitchen that is open up to the living room. One big room that's how I like it.

Darryl Iorio said...

Let me guess... When you installed the sink for good, you asked Allen to do the work again. :D You're lucky to have him do the plumbing. You don't have to call for an expert because he can fix it by himself; you're confident that everything will go smoothly when you have someone who knows a bit about the job.

edifice rex said...

Hey Plumbing! yes, I have really liked how the kitchen and living room are basically open to each other. The flow is great.

Hey Darryl! Well, I haven't actually installed it for good yet! But yes, i will probably get Allen to help hook it back up. lol! It is nice having someone who knows to help out.