Monday, September 17, 2012

Something's Cooking In The Kitchen

I have been going about non-stop these past 4 days and am wore "slap out" as they say around here, so this is going to be a short post but I wanted to put up something since so much is going on in the kitchen right now.  I think I found out on Thursday or Friday that my cabinets would be delivered bright and early Monday morning and I wanted to get as much done in there as I could, so as not to be working over finish cabinetry.  So, I bit the bullet and chose my color, had it mixed and been painting and cleaning and tearing out old temporary cabinets like mad.  I'm really happy with this color; it just looks so good in person.  It has a slight brown undertone so it is very warm and inviting to me.  I told Jack this is actually the first time in my life I have used such bold color in a home and I like it!  I think the stainless and concrete are going to really go well with it.  Oh, and it took me forever to stain all those rafter tails that show on the inside of the house but it looks good. 

And, here are the cabinets!!  They are not finished!  I asked the cabinet guy to leave them bare so I could put the natural finish on them I want.  I tell you, I can't recommend this guy enough if you live anywhere around Alabama.  He can make anything you would want I believe.  I am so pleased with his craftsmanship and the look.  Of course, these match the one in the pantry and will be finished the same way, same hardware etc.
Jack's son actually pours concrete countertops for a living and I believe we are going to employ him to pour these.  I wasn't pleased with the one in the pantry and this much is more than I could finish myself.  The cabinets on the other side with the sink are about as long.  As soon as these cabinets are set permanently I can start installing the tile on the wall behind the stove and all.

More cabinets, drawers and a small wall open wall cabinet.  Got to trim these windows out soon too. 
Now, off to bed before I drop.


Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

Things are looking pretty good there Annie. Busy lady.

DanielSmith said...

I pretty liked the organizing of your kitchen..Looking beautiful..

ErinFromIowa said...

Gosh! Things are looking very good! I like the paint color too. I am so happy you are keeping us updated with the progress. I know you all are very busy!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Whew, I was tired out from reading all about the kitchen work, but I well recall our going through the same process 7 years ago when we added a new ktchen. And bold color is great; ours is bright yellow.

Island Rider said...

Beautiful! You have much more patience than I but what satisfaction to be able to look at it when it is all done and see what you have accomplished!

Pablo said...

Looking great! I can hardly wait until you re-do my kitchen. (And the master bath.)

MamaHen said...

Hey Mark! thanks man! yep, busy as a one-legged man at a butt kicking contest. lol!

Hey Daniel! thanks!

Hey Erin! thanks! well, I'm so happy to be posting about building, which was my original mission!

Hey Bea! thanks! you know,I'm thinking about using a mustard color on the short dividing wall of the kitchen. I like the yellow spectrum too.

Hey IR! Well, this house has taught me great patience; something I never had a lot of. lol!

Hey Pablo! thanks! lol! I thought you wanted a whole new house out at RR?! lol!

HermitJim said...

I have to agree that the color is great! The cabinets look really nice as well!

Things are certainly getting that homey look, in my opinion!

Gonna be a showcase!

Ed said...

This time around, we used much bolder colors in our house. In fact, the only white is the trim and the ceiling, everything else is some sort of color. I am not disappointed.

Can't wait to see your finished kitchen.

MamaHen said...

Hey Jim! thanks! I think it's going to look really cool when done!

Hey Ed! I can't wait either! lol! I'm really liking the bold colors too.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you must have such a sense of accomplishment and even more so when it is done.
Inspires me to get on with my projects.

DR said...

Somethings Cookin in the Kitchen....Now you've got me humming the old Kelly's commercial!

Woody said...

Looking good! I like the color choice. My wife picked out a dark pumpkin orange for our kitchen. I've always been a little shy about bold color use on walls. I guess I'll get over it.

MamaHen said...

Hey Anon! I think the kitchen is going to give me a great sense of accomplishment, more than many things.

Hey Deb! Whoopps! lol! I knew this was a song but not a commercial too!

Hey Woody! thanks! I think Jack has taken the same approach although he swears he likes the color. lol! Hey, when the woman has made up her mind that's what she wants.... :D