Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Doggone It!

Even though I don't write about it very often I think most of you that have read my blog for very long know pretty much how I feel about pets and livestock versus this "furkid" mentality.  I love all my animals, even my chickens, but they all have their duties here and that's the way it has to be.  We don't have the money or time to have slackers around here; everybody works in some way.  And, because I love all my animals, even my chickens, and the fact that they work and produce for me, I am very determined to give them the best life I can under the safest conditions.  Which leads me to the real subject of this post.  I have known for some time that many people do not share my attitude towards animals, preferring to look at them as 4-legged children, and this is something I have learned can turn into a very dangerous situation for all involved.  A lot of people have apparently lost all common sense also, when it comes to animals, so I felt it necessary to post a bit of explanation or cautionary tale to those not familiar with farm or country life.  Of course, I know full well that all of MY kind readers already understand all this and would never do such a's just so you can warn your friends about it.

The basic premise it this:  Do NOT, under any circumstances, bring your pets (of any species) out to someone's farm or land unless you have specifically been told it is okay.  Apparently many people believe that if a friend or acquaintance has a large tract of land that it is a free call to bring Rover out for a "play date".  We don't do play dates.  It astounds me to no end that there are people in this world who would not understand this but I have had people actually show up at my house with a car load of dogs, pet birds and other creatures.  Do not do this.  EVER.  I can assure you, just as nobody can stand a little brat kid, no one is going to think your little Spot or Snookums is anywhere as cute, smart or funny as you do and if it gets loose (or God forbid you turn it loose) on my property and it chases one of my animals, you will not be happy with the results.  My chickens provide me with food, fertilizer and companionship.  They are very valuable to me.  If your dog kills or maims one of them you have taken money from my hand.  It is not cute or funny (as I have actually heard it described by one pet owner) to see my chickens terrorized by some @#$$%#^&%& stupid dog and their owner that can't control them.  If your dog gets loose, and I catch it in the act of killing any of my animals, I WILL stop it by any means necessary. 
Secondly, my dog has a job too.  I know if you meet Chigger she is all playful and cute but she is trained to protect the other animals and she does her best.  She understands to alert us of strange animals on the property and she has been specifically trained NOT to play with other dogs so she does not see strays or neighbor dogs as "friends".  She does not need a play date either.  She has her cat to play with and we play catch and frisbee and various things with her and that's enough.  Even if you do not let your pets out of your vehicle she knows they are there and is going to be very upset.  I do not like this and she does not like it either.  Speaking of Callie Cat, who is our resident mouser and vole catcher, Chigger protects her too, just like the chickens.  If your dog tries to chase my cat, like many dogs are prone too, Chigger is not going to like this and I can just about bet you the situation is not going to end well for somebody.  It better not be me or my animals.
Your pets can also bring disease to my animals, especially bird to bird, or your animal could contract something from mine.  It's best to not even give this an opportunity to start.  If a virus is brought in that runs through my flock and kills them, you just cost me a WHOLE lot of money and heartache. 

Now, I know this is a very stern and maybe even acrimonious post but I would bet money that most all homesteaders and country folk would agree with me and ya'll know that I'm not one to really mince words anyway.  Also, from what I see around me, many people nowadays are so far removed from country life and dynamics of having livestock, poultry etc. that they can't even comprehend that their pets may not be welcome at everyone's house.  To people like this it would literally be like telling them not to bring their kids.  Well, I'm not too keen on those little ankle biters either, but I guess most of them can be tolerated to some extent. As long as they leave my animals alone.


HermitJim said...

You go, Girl! Tell it like it is...!

woodysrockyridge said...

I've always wondered what major malfunction runs through someones head when they think it is a good idea to bring dogs to our home. We have three, like yours they are here to protect and serve. They are our border patrol and driveway sensor.

I don't get the play day thing.

JO said...

I feel the same way. We train our animals to do their job and not what someone else thinks is right or wrong. I don't bring my dog to your house so don't bring yours to mine.

Ed said...

I've often said that there is a widespread general lack of attention to one's surroundings affecting our population. Bringing pets to someone else's house uninvited falls into this category.

edifice rex said...

Hey Jim! lol! thanks!

Hey Woody! I don't even begin to get it either but I think it all goes back to a serious dysfunction of viewing animals as human children or substitutes of.

Hey Jo! Exactly!

Hey Ed! You are correct on both accounts there.

pamit said...

Right on Annie. I have only one dog, but she's very protective of me and the house (which is great because I live in an isolated spot and am often here on my own). When visitors want to bring their dogs I have to, no. Sometimes I feel a little guilty about that, but your post makes me proud to have a "working" pet.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you! And children chasing my chickens is NOT funny.

edifice rex said...

Hey Pam! Yeah, I know what you mean; I've thought about getting another dog for Chigger but it's hard to find ones that can be trained to care for chickens and cats. Chigger is a gem!

Hey Anon! Exactly! not funny at all.

Jenn said...

Good post!

Even someone who thinks along similar lines as you needs a reminder of this sometimes (Yeah, that would be me!)

Sissy said...

Did you by chance have unexpected unwelcome company? My daughter feels the same way about those unwelcome proselytizers who come knocking at her door or the ones wanting to discuss religion or politics. Her home IS hers. Mine too is mine. No one should be bothered by anyone else or their baggage in tow.

edifice rex said...

Hey Jenn! thanks! I figured a might get a little beat up for this post but it is something people need to be aware of.

Hey Sissy! Oh, we get the very occasional Jehovah's Witness here but no, that was not what I was referring to. I don't mind human visitors but, like I said, I have had unwelcome dogs, birds etc, even after I told the people not to bring them. Blows my mind people can't understand not to bring pets everywhere.