Sunday, March 31, 2013

New Day

All my daffodils have actually faded away at this point but nothing as showy has taken their place so these are going to be my default Easter flowers.  So, Happy Easter! to those of you who celebrate it and I hope my Jewish friends had an enjoyable Passover and all.  We've had a wonderfully sunny and warm week but today is gloomy and rainy again, darn it.  I truly hate to complain about getting rain but I think most of us in this area of the world are still operating on a sunshine "deficit"!  Such a miserable winter we had; I think it's going to take many, many sunny, warm days to get everybody caught up.

Today's post isn't about much of anything, as many of my posts have fallen into the habit of lately.  Really, I just wanted to welcome a couple of new followers and to thank all of you that continue to read and comment here.  Don't anybody let the number of followers there fool ya though.  Half the people listed there never read anymore.  And yes, yes, I know all the 'just write for yourself' adages and all, and I do....write for myself that is, but I still enjoy the interaction with folks and comments.  I think one reason I have blogged for so long is the blogs being such a great avenue to talk to people from so many different places and see how other people live and think.  I really love to hear how things are for you in your part of the world and learn about people that live in a different environment than me.  I know my writing style may suggest that I am just presenting info for you and don't want feedback but that's not true by any means.  So, thank you for hanging in with me.  I know this blog is not as interesting since I retired from construction and got married, my falling statistics tell me that, but I have been wanting to kinda revamp things here anyway and I am considering some new stuff.  Nothing drastic, just maybe adding some pages with new info and stuff and maybe a new weekly listing such as the ol' Friday Food or Wordless Wednesday thing.  Anybody have any suggestions there??

And as I've mentioned a little before, the gloom, sickness and sadness of this winter has really done a number on me these past few months and I have struggled to maintain an optimistic and cheerful attitude at times.  But ya'll know that I've always had a little bit of an issue with that anyway.  I have made some progress on feeling better lately though, probably through no small coincidence of more sunny days, and plan on writing a little about that.  Some of you maybe feeling the same way and my experiences and solutions  might help a little.
So, I hope everybody is hanging in there and enjoying some better weather lately.  Hopefully Spring will be upon us all very quickly and we will all be soaking up the light and warmth of the sun and good times in no time!!  Happy Easter or just Happy Sunday!!


Rita said...

Hi Annie,
I'm right there with you and the sunshine! Oh my, how I love it. We had a meal with my aunt and some of her family last evening. Today it will be myself and my daughter. Here is a different day for you...we are going to watch Hoarders on Netflix for a while. It helps to move us both into the Spring time "get rid of things" mode. Have a wonderful Easter today.

HermitJim said...

I think those flowers will make a fine display for Easter...or anytime! Very nice indeed!

I hope you and Jack have a great Easter and looking forward to some gardening pictures soon!

Jane in Maine said...

Still a faithful reader and always enjoy reading your blog!!And getting a little inspiration from it all.Thank you for keeping it going, even when you don't feel like it.

Island Rider said...

Happy Easter!

MyamuhNative said...

I think we are all ready for Spring!
And I'll take that rain so please send it south!

Happy Easter to you and Jack.

Ed said...

Still no spring up here but we got out first taste of the warm weather on Friday. I spent the day picking up sticks and cutting up a tree that fell over this winter. Now that the lawn is prepped, it can green up and spring flowers any time now!

Sissy said...

I LIKE your blog posts, no matter what you may feel. Quit putting yourself down and keep on sharing with us. Each one is like getting a welcome letter from a good friend...without having that hard trek to the mailbox. Oh, Blooms! Beautiful blooms and that touching warm sunshine. I'm amazed at the explosive growth that's happened here overnight. Yes, our world is once again showing lively beauty.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Always enjoy reading your blog, Annie, rants and all cause we all have our moments - good and bad or even worse. I know that many folks say they blog for themselves, etc. and to a great extent we share that attitude cause we don't get lots of comments or feedback compared to some blogs I read where the comments for a given post will be in the dozens even if it's just a cute photo, go figure. Maybe it's because some bloggers read and comment on lots of blogs themselves and it's a form of "payback" which is OK but I don't choose to spend several hours that way. We've thought of changing our format as well, just a bit lazy,so good luck to you.

edifice rex said...

Hey Rita! Ha! that's funny; if I watch Hoarders for more than a few minutes i have to get up and start cleaning too!! It is great motivation to de-clutter!!

Hey jim! thanks man! hope you had a nice Easter too. I'll be trying to get some gardening photos up soon; I have been working a little on that.

Hey Jane! great to hear from you! and thanks! glad you still enjoy reading.

Hey IR! thanks! hope ya'll had a nice Easter!

Hey Mya! Happy Easter to you! and I'll try to send that rain down there!

Hey Ed! Hopefully things will warm up for ya'll soon! It's been beautiful down here.

Hey Sissy! thanks! that makes me feel better! lol!

Hey Bea! Yeah, I think the more you comment on other blogs the more comments you get, generally speaking. But yeah, I don't have hours to spend reading blogs either. In fact, I've cut back quite a bit this year.

Caroline said...

Your daffodils are perfect! They are absolutely my favorite spring flowers, mine are waiting for a sunny warm day or two and then I will see some bright yellow faces.

edifice rex said...

Hey Caroline! Yes, I love daffs; they are one of my absolute favorites too.