Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Color My World

I'm not sure we are going to get much foliage color this year so I thought I'd concentrate on the other beings that lend their color to the autumn season.  I love mums.  I think probably because they are so tidy and they last a long time. 

 I think they prefer pumpkin sushi to baked pumpkin.  I thought maybe it would be easier for them to eat and enjoy a mushier gourd because raw pumpkin can be kinda tough.  They didn't seem particularly impressed.  The raw, squishy guts however, initiated a lot of squawking and feather pulling to see who could get to the goodies first.  I was proud to see the Americaunas are getting over some of their shyness around the older hens though.  At least when there are yummies to be had.

And they finally started laying their pretty aqua eggs!  They are not yet quite up to size but it shouldn't be much longer.  We'll take what we can get right now, as all the other hens are on molting strike.  Hopefully they will get over that soon.  We don't have enough eggs to sell right now!

It's been beautiful weather lately but we could use a little rain.  Funny, we had so much back in the summer and now just nothing.  I started to say the chickens are enjoying it but the past couple of weeks they stay holed up under the deck half the day.  Seems a large deer died over on the other side of the big creek and the buzzards have been frequenting the area more than usual and at a much lower altitude than the chickens are used to.  Poor things, they can't easily distinguish between a buzzard or a hawk.  They only know a large shadow from above can mean death, so the buzzard's careless meanderings over the yard sends them scurrying for any cover they can find, usually the deck.  Apparently the hens do realize that I offer some protection for them, however abstractly, so I try to sit out in the yard each day for a spell and that usually brings them out to graze and scratch.

Hey, a question for other bloggers:  What is the easiest way to repost old posts?  I know many people come here (or did anyway) to read about home construction and building and due to being sick I just have not had anything new on that in a very long time.  Thought I might dredge up some old projects that might be of interest. 


Pablo said...

Nice, color-ful post.

As for old posts, maybe if you tag the ones you want with some unique word, you can then create a link to that tag and folks can browse through targeted hits at their copious leisure. I think something like that works in WordPress, but I don't know how Blogger works.

Rita said...

Annie, I am praying you completely recover from your illness. I was thinking a blue and brown bowl but whatever you like I will like too. I imagine medium size is good. I try to email you but something is wrong probably with my computer I keep getting http and it refuses to send. Oh well...will just talk to you this way. Let me know how much I owe and where to send it. Thank you! Rita

Richard said...

Go to page with all your posts, find the one you want, click on edit, save as draft, and then change the scheduled date for a new posting.

JO said...

Your hens provide beautiful Fall Colors, and of course I love mums too.

Ed said...

When I switched blogging addresses, I copied all my old posts to my new site by simply using copy and paste into a new blog post with what ever date I chose and hit publish. It transferred pictures, formatting and everything else.

Kenneth Price said...

My favorites: flowers, chickens, garden, creek, beautiful blue eggs! So nice to have you back. Eagerly awaiting the finishing of fireplace and wall -- when you're up to it. Thanks for a lovely day!

edifice rex said...

Hey Pablo! well, I have that really, with the "catagory" links on the sidebar. I was thinking one specific post at a time.

Hey Rita! thank you! Ok, let me get a shipping quote and I'll get back with you.

Hey Richard! OK! I thought it might be something like that. thanks!

Hey Jo! Yeah, I still just love all the colors that the chickens come in. lol!

Hey Ed! Well, I thought about that, and it would work, but I thought maybe Blogger had a quicker or more direct way. Or maybe, kinda goof-proof, which is what I need!

Hey Ken! thank you! I am trying to get back to working on that actually. Got to catch up a little on my pottery first though.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Really liked all the colors in this post, Annie, especially those chicken eggs which almost look too pretty to eat. I wasn't sure how to repost an older post, but I sure learned something today from Richard's advice.