Sunday, October 27, 2013

Wrack My Brain

I can so relate.

Well, before we even got home Friday the doctor had gotten my MRI and reviewed it and sent me an email to tell me that my brain looks great!!  No lesions or tumors and it was nice and full.  Of bullshit probably. haha!  Those last words are mine by the way, not his.  So, that's great and I'm thankful but it does leave me scratching my head still about what's wrong.  I'm not sure what to do next, if there is anything to even do or try.  You know, nobody wants to have something wrong with them,  but as bad as I feel at times it's kinda hard to believe there's not something outta whack somewhere.

So, I just wanted to leave a quick post to let ya'll know what the results were.  I'm especially glad my noggin is healthy because I never want to go through one of those test again.  I had the MRI of my neck you know, and it was no problem, but something about this one was very different.  It was all I could do to lay still and not freak out.  I was happy to build the structures for those machines way back but that's as close as I ever want to get to one again.


Rich said...

I had a MRI a long time ago and they kept asking me over and over if I was feeling nauseous or claustrophobic.

For some reason one nurse kept repeating the mantra, "If you feel like you are going to UP-CHUCK be sure and tell me, sweety".

By the time I got out of that torture device, I was starting to feel nauseous from all the questioning and was only thinking about trying to get close enough to that "sweet" nurse in case I finally UP-CHUCKed.

And, it still makes me a little queasy to hear the word UP-CHUCK.

Pablo said...

I had a brain MRI once, but only for a study on "athletes." Even so, with nothing to worry about, I was beginning to feel closed in after a while.

I'm glad you're at least eliminating some possibilities in your hunt.

ErinFromIowa said...

Good news on the noggin!
I was happy to build the structures for those machines...
You amaze me yet again! You are the definition of variety is the spice of life.

JO said...

That is great news a healthy brain is very important. Maybe he will confer with other Drs. there to see if they can come up with something. My daughter had a tumor in her pituitary gland and had to have MRI's every three to six months for years. At first it bothered her but she got used to it. Thank Heavens it just went away.

Fairhope Supply Co. said...

I had to watch my son get an MRI and I don't think I could do it. Great news for you, and I'm so glad everything is fine! (my little boy is fine too!)

edifice rex said...

Hey Rich! LOL! Fortunately, I've always had a good nurse and this one was nice. She would just occasionally ask me if I was doing okay and tell me what was going on and how much longer I had, which helped me.

Hey Pablo! yeah, it's sort of a process of elimination I guess.

Hey Erin! haha! yeah, I guess so! It's been a diverse life anyway.

Hey Jo! Oh goodness, I think if I had to do that on a regular basis they would have to sedate me. But yeah, glad her tumor went away!

Hey Fairhope! Oh, I'm glad your boy is okay!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Happy to read that one large area of concern has been eliminated, Annie. Sorry to read that you are still feeling crappy...what's next?