Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Spicy Moments

Aha!!  I bet you all thought I had forgotten about the "word" posts, didn't you???  Yep, yep.  But I did not!!  I actually remembered.  Of course, I have the list sitting in front of me every time I sit down at the computer, but that's beside the point.  So, we continue through the list with Ed's contribution of 'salsa'.....
Well, I had to think about this one for a while because I wanted to use the word in the not-so-obvious way, for one, and secondly, because I'm not so good at making salsa, so I didn't really think I could give ya'll a decent recipe or anything.  I only halfway succeeded in coming up with a different presentation.  Now, my homemade salsa is okay, I mean, I like it.  But I know lots of people have like this obsession with making some kinda avant garde, foo-foo, nouveau cuisine salsa, and mine just ain't that.  It's kinda plain.  But anyway...this year I did find a nice pepper for making salsa!  In fact, the variety was listed as "Salsa".  I have no idea if that is it's real name, if it's a hybrid or what.  See, neither Jack or I are big pepper connoisseurs.  He doesn't like hot ones and I think ya'll may recall my loathing of bell peppers.  I do like to cook with a little bit of pepper though that does have some heat, but not scald your face off hot.  Also, because a couple of plants are plenty for us and the fact that pepper seeds just don't stay viable for much more than a year, I usually just buy a couple of starts from a local feed store. 
This variety is about the same size as a banana pepper but fairly warm; about like a cayenne.  This summer I roasted a few of these on the grill, pulled off the blackened skin and sliced the meat up for my salsa.  I thought it added a nice flavor although I was cautious using them and, in hindsight, probably could have used more.  I also used some rings from these peppers in some of my pickles.  I canned more this summer than I did last but still didn't get to put up as much as I wanted of several things due to just not feeling well towards the end of summer.  No pickled okra!! which is just a travesty.  God forbid I guess I'll have to buy some.
So anyway, if you happen upon any of these peppers in plant or seed I recommend them.  I may even try to save a few seeds and grow some more next year.


Ed said...

Salsa, just kind of rolls off your tongue!

I love peppers and I love a little heat but unfortunately I married someone who doesn't. I get away with what I can without burning the wife down but mostly get my heat fix in restaurants where we can order our own dish.

Funny thing is that I hate most American spicy foods because they mostly use Tabasco sauce which I absolutely hate. I like the way Asian food is spiced. It is a quick intense heat that fades away quickly and has no aftertaste.

We love salsa and made a bunch this year because we had plenty of raw ingredients given to us by other people. I bought some hot peppers from the store and put in a few jars for myself but evidently the store bought ones were pretty tame because even my wife can't tell they are in there.

HermitJim said...

I do like a spicy dish now and then, but not as much as I used to!

Still, when you grow your own it seems a shame not to use them!

Rich said...

I used to get horrible migraines and happened to read something about capsaicin being used to help with headaches and general pain. Supposedly, the capsaicin improves blood flow which helps with the pain.

Since I ain't gonna go out and buy some fancy capsaicin pills just because I read something about it, the next time I had one of those migraines, I got out some tortilla chips, put on a few good slugs of hot sauce, and ate them until the back of my head was just starting to get hot (an interesting sensation if you haven't ever tried it).

The amazing part was that it actually started helping get rid of my migraine pretty quick.

Eventually, I found out that a simple jar of HOT salsa worked even better, so I stocked up on hot Pace salsa to treat my migraines.

Hot and spicy salsa, it's good for what ails ya (results may vary, consult your doctor before use).

edifice rex said...

Hey Ed! well, I sorta do the same thing here. The salsa I make is kinda mild for Jack but I like spicy Asian food too, so I get my fix for that when we can eat separate dishes. And occasionally some good nachos topped with jalapenos!

Hey Jim! yes, I try to use them in lots of ways. As long as I don't let Jack see them, i don't think he notices much!

Hey Rich! Yes, capsacin is good for pain! I've used the topical creams (like for arthritis), and they do seem to help, but had not thought about eating it for migraines. I will definitely give that a try! Makes sense.