Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Ramble On

Well, tonight's post is just an exercise in rambling.  A spillage of random and erratic thoughts.  My normal way of thinking in other words, not cleaned up and organized to fool ya'll into thinking I know what I'm talking about.  I'm not sure if it's the rain, the bugs or the humidity that has destroyed my enthusiasm lately but I'm just bored out of my gourd and lacking any energy to do anything about it.  I've tried to get a few photos of the garden and things going on around here but it's either raining like hell, complete with lots of lightning, or you are so busy fighting the mosquitoes and deer fly, it's almost impossible to focus on photos.  Everything has the musty, sopping wet feel of an old sponge that's been laying in a kitchen sink for a few days.  We either go to sleep hypnotized by the flashing of distant lightning or are woken in the early morning hours, the house trembling from the close proximity of the hits.

I often wonder what the chickens think about the lightning and thunder.  They are never deterred by the rain though.  They remind me of little pigs with feathers.  They actually seem to relish the mud, scratching and flinging it with abandon to find worms and other goodies.  Then they run to me with their little muddy feet and heads.  Why doesn't she want us to sit in her lap today??  They stay out in the showers enough to let it wash all that away though and when the heavy downpours come they'll all rush under our trucks to sit and preen and re-oil everything again.

I guess my mood isn't help much by the fact that I've been going through photos trying to pick a number of them to be printed.  I want to make a scrapbook of when Jack and I went out west.  And I have lots of picture frames to be filled, or given away.  Seeing all those photos makes me want to go, of course.  Maybe I should have been a photographer for a travel magazine!  or a newspaper or anything where I worked on the road.  But, I've been there partially.  It gets old sometimes.  I think I did figure part of it out though; my restlessness.  As beautiful as this hollar is, I think it's somehow confining to me.  I can't see the horizon.  I've always loved that distance.  Those wide open spaces.  They make you feel free.  I think that's why I love a sparse house; it's open and uncluttered.  Just space.  I love the shade here, the flowing shady creek..... but I can't see over that hill.

People don't talk to you on blogs like they used to.  That's one reason I like to sometimes read back through old posts from a few years back.  Lots of conversations going on.  I fear we are entering a time when people really don't communicate anymore.  There is the semblance of it but no real substance.  Used to have your 15 minutes of fame, now you have your 15 seconds of contact.  Just enough to make us feel there are other humans around us but don't ask me to sit with you in person.  That thin digital mask is always present and all it takes is a swipe to move on.  Gotta have something fresh to hold my attention.  I might be missing out on something really good.  All the while something really good walks by as we are all looking down. 

Speaking of old posts, some of you may remember ol' Ernie, Allen's bloodhound.  Well, he passed on from this old world yesterday evening.  Ernie was pretty old; he was a stray that came up here a few years back and Allen took him in.  He was terribly aggravating at times and produced incredible amounts of saliva but he was a good ol' dog at heart.  He just wanted to be petted and a bone to chew on.

So, now that I have depressed you all I shall go to bed.  My work here is done.  Ha!  Hopefully I'll be back soon with something better to report.  If anybody's even listening.  And if you're not that okay; it gives my brain something to do so that, hopefully, it won't set up into a big chunk of nothingness.


ErinFromIowa said...

I have some news that should be good for a smile. Keely and Brea popped in for a visit early Tuesday evening. When they left Brea found a new bike seat just sitting there in her basket! As she said the old one was duct tape ratchet.She had just returned from Wakarusa. They had a great time but unfortunately their tent was pilfered. The bike seat kindness helped to restore her faith in humanity.

Pablo said...

I've felt that blogging malaise lately too. And commenting malaise. Not sure what is causing it. Oh well, these things sometimes come in cycles.

Island Rider said...

I am here. Always glad t see a new post from you. Just don't feel much Ike talking these days.

texasann said...

Annie -
I'm always reading and watching, just don't feel like my day-to-day is anything most folks want to hear about. I do enjoy yours, vicariously, and everything you do seems interesting to me ~ gloriously beautiful pottery, building your own home with your own hands Wow! your enviable garden, special relationship with your chickens, and your incredible flowers.
Just keep on with what you're doing - we all enjoy it!

Ed said...

I think part of the lack of comments is that most blogs I visit these days are just updates on their daily lives. Not really much to add too. Back in the day, there were a lot of opinions about politics and current events being expressed which led to a lot more discussion. I know I'm guilty of this because I haven't posted a real political post in a long time. Everything has been progress updates and what do you say to those? Looks nice, etc.

I think another big contributor is that blogger is a thing of the past. The only people on here are us old farts too old to change over to new formats. All the people who loved to comment back then have long since moved on to other mediums.

edifice rex said...

Hey Erin! Well that's pretty cool that somebody left her a new seat! Nice stuff does happen every so often. :)

Hey Pablo! yeah, they do. I think everybody's caught the malaise lately.

Hey IR! Oh, I hope you are not feeling worse...((hugs)) I am glad to hear from you though.

Hey Ann! thanks! I'm glad you get something out of it. It's all perspective I guess.

Hey Ed! Hey now, don't be talkin' 'bout his "old" crap!! lol!
Well, those are good points actually. I don't like to get into politics and I think maybe a lot of people are burnt out on such anyway. People seem to shy away from anything now that might even be something to discuss.
The funny thing is that many of the people that used to comment a lot here, do still read. But, like you say, even I have gotten into just daily life stuff, so there's not much to comment on.

edifice rex said...

I meant to say "THIS old crap", not "his old crap". lol!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the storms and sometimes malaise.
Last night's storm beat the daylights out of my bee balm. It had perked up some by the time I got home. I have all this bee balm and very few bees. Scaring me silly. I saw a few small black bees with their back legs yellow and covered in pollen. Today I did see a bumblebee. Wishing I were seeing honey bees. I know there are some hives 3/4mile away. Was hoping they would show up and partake . Am wondering if that is why my little garden looks so bedraggled. Tomatoes and sweet bell pepper look decent. Okra, cucumbers and squash. Not so good.
Yellow flies are zapping us to no end down here along Mobile Bay. I found something last year that really works for me. Gneaux More Gnaught Gnats. Essential oils blend and made over in Ocean Springs, Ms. I can do some porch therapy with that stuff on.
Hang in there!
As my Mama used to say, you win some, you lose some, and some just get rained out!.
Tammy in LA.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Annie, rainy days can get folks down and everyone also foes through downswings and upswings. Happens to us all the time. For us, it's largely because we were hoping to have sold our VA home and relocated to New England.
As for blogging, we still enjoy being online and we do. Ot use other popular social media ( you know the ones, where folks need instant feedback and have the need to tell where they are and what they are doing at any given moment.
I agree with Pablo and Ed's comments too. Commenting takes a lot of time and while I do try to visit other blogs at least once per week, when others blog every day it becomes harder to do. And, i have been overwhelmed by some folks "need" to post so many photos of the same or quite nearly the same thing. On one recent one, I counted over 20 photos of a bathing bird....several collages would have been easier. And I have seen blog posts that say nearly nothing and yet have dozens of comments and even these are so mundane, like...great photos, beautiful, etc. Ed is right on saying that more lively posts would be great. We blog about things we are doing and places we visit, but try to include some history or background on places, etc.and in the process actually teach ourselves.
Your posts are always interesting even if we do not always leave a comment. What is comes down to is that if you enjoy something, you should do it regardless.
Feel free to drop into our place for a visit anytime. You are more than welcome to sit on the front porch and chat awhile...anytime!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Wow, Annie, I just realized that a long and rambling comment Imposted. Hope it did not depress you (smile). I was just saying things that came to mind after reading your recent post...sometimes, perhaps should just keep thinking and not saying.

JO said...

Seems like most of us are in the same boat. I really have nothing much going on either. Here it's to hot to move much. I am usually sitting on the porch at this time to grab what little cool there is and to get some fresh air. By 9:30 am it is just to hot to stay out doors. I have things I can do but it all bores me. See your not alone. haha

HermitJim said...

I always enjoy reading your post, no matter the content!

myamuhnative said...

Aargh! Just wrote a lengthy apology about not commenting enough and Blogger deleted it.
I really must be boring!
I'm another one always here even if I can't think of anything witty to write back to you lately.
But hey, TexasAnn is right on target-you are amazing and we are so lucky that you share your world with us.

edifice rex said...

Hey Tammy! Yeah, I hangin' in! I can count on one hand the number of honeybees I've seen at one time here. It is scary. We have lots of bumbles and other bees but I remember as a kid you couldn't hardly walk through clover patches for all the honeybees.

Hey Bea! thanks! hey, rambling comments are fine too. I enjoy my readers chatting about whatever. Yeah, readers and writers go through phases. I'm just going through one now.

Hey Jo! ha! yeah, I think we all get in these moods at times.

Hey Jim! thanks! I appreciate that.

Hey Mya! Aww, thanks! and augh! sorry blogger ate your comment. But no need to apologize for not commenting! Sometimes my postings just don't inspire much to comment on.

Anonymous said...

Most of the time when I leave a comment I feel like I have stepped up to a podium in a crowded stadium to address one person, but completely aware that others can crash in on the conversation at will. Partly my anxiety comes from the inability to properly present my opinion, the other is a total lack of the interloper understanding the context of the original thought.

I'll get over it.

edifice rex said...

Hey Woody! that's interesting...I've never thought about commenting in that light but you're right; it is sort of like that. I've always found your comments to be rather insightful though. I don't think you have anything to fret about. :)

Fairhope Supply Co. said...

That was a beautiful bloodhound. So sorry for the loss. And don't worry about the mood, it's just an early summer slump.

Rita said...

Hi Annie,
I know how you feel that people don't comment like they use to. I am so happy you still post on your blog. Many are not and many don't comment much. I sometimes think when Google stopped it was a big change and to much for some bloggers. I know what you mean about bugs and the humid, wet outdoors. For the first time in many years we are considering giving up our flower beds along the garage. I just got back from the doctor with prednisone for poison ivy. Yes, I know what poison ivy looks like :) I have no idea where I got it. It had to have something to do with pull weeds or dumping the wheel barrow full of weeds. Bugs everywhere and I try not to spray the bugs with chemicals but I have this year and bugs are still all around. I believe it is time to have a few less gardens around here. Depression has grabbed me too sometimes recently. The dog was a nice looking dog and sorry for your loss. My dog seems to be having mini strokes. Sometimes she is fine and other times does not know where she is. Anyway Annie I do hope things cheer up for us all real soon. :) Take breaks and let the everyday stuff go. Do something you enjoy.