Sunday, June 01, 2014

Supper's Ready

I haven't done a food post in a while, and I have been meaning to show my method for making a pot roast for some time, ya go.  It's not exactly a recipe but more just a technique I guess.  I prefer pork roasts over beef but whatever you like works.  I rub a variety of seasonings into the roast and then place on a hot grill.  You are not cooking it here but just leaving it long enough to sear both sides well and get the fat caramelizing.  Then, just put in a crock pot on low and cook for however many hours.  I add some potatoes and onions that I have covered in olive oil and seasonings.  They don't dry out that way.

And, a few hours later you have a tasty meal with almost no effort.  I usually serve a salad or some type greens or veggies with this.  A nice glass of wine is good too!

We have an abundance of sugar snap peas right now so I stir fried them with some stray asparagus spears and  mushrooms.  Very tasty!  I'm only getting a little asparagus every few days now so a stir fry is a good way to use it when I don't have enough for a whole dish.  Of course, I added some fresh garlic and then, right at the end, toss a little sesame oil on for flavor.  Or.. a splash of balsamic vinegar would be good too.

I let about half of the peas mature and then shelled them per my experiment to see if the chickens would like them.  Well, they didn't.  A few of them ate them but most just mashed them up and spit them out!  It's just as well though because it would take a crap load of these to make enough for any substantial amount of feed addition and I just don't have the stamina to shell that many peas!  I'll just freeze them for us.  I like them in pot pies and soup.  What about you?


Ed said...

There is just nothing better than stir fried fresh vegetables. I can't think of the last time I have eaten a store canned vegetable. I would rather do without but I get by just eating what is in season or can be bought fresh in the grocery store. We eat a lot of cauliflower during the winter months.

we've been eating asparagus so much this last month that I have OD'd on it. My mom sent me home with about a gallon more of it the other night. I think I'm going to make it into soup and freeze it for later. Hopefully yours will be producing more soon.

Pablo said...

Am I too late for dinner?

I love peas. I can remember my idyllic boyhood summers in Kentucky, shelling peas. Seemed like buckets full of them, but probably it was much less.

Fairhope Supply Co. said...

I love cooking a roast in the crock pot. It makes the entire house smell wonderful. Your dish looks fabulous!

Kenneth Price said...

May I be the Man Who Came to Dinner?

edifice rex said...

Hey Ed! Yeah, I'm to the point that I will just do without certain veggies if I can't have them fresh. It's just not worth the effort to eat certain store bought food.

Hey Pablo! Aw, yeah, Jack scarfed down that roast in 2 nights!
It might have been buckets! people used to grow a lot more than they do now.

Hey Fairhope! thanks! it was pretty tasty and yeah, the smell is wonderful.

Hey Ken! Sure! lol! I'll have to make enough next time for you and Pablo! ;)

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Simple dinners afe the best and we also enjoy pork more than beef, but chicken and fish are done more often here. Meals that last 2 days are great time savers too and yours looked wonderful, especially with thise stir fried veggies.