Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Autumn Changes

Happy Autumnal Equinox everybody!!  A little late maybe, depending on when you read this, but you get the idea.  Today was one of the very few first days of fall that actually felt like fall, in my recent memories.  In fact, the weather here the past few days has been gorgeous.  We've been enjoying not running the air and cooling the house by just opening the windows.
The weather has the animals feeling full of piss and vinegar too.  Mr. George has turned into a fine looking rooster and has been trying to put some moves on the ladies lately.  Mostly he has only succeeded in getting the crap bitten out of him.  The girls have been a long time without a male bossing them around and haven't cottoned to the idea of him doggin' them around, so to speak.  Can't say as I blame them.  Haha! That's no commentary on Jack, now.

Little T and Pumpkin are loving the free ranging too and are fitting in better with the main flock.  Not sure what is going to happen when Little T becomes Big T but I hope he and George can get along.  Little T is quite a character.  When he is out in the yard he is still sweet little T, loves to snuggle in your lap and get a good rubbing.  Come time to go to bed though he's like most youngsters....he does not like to go in.  In fact, when I go to pick him up and put him and Pumpkin in their little apartment, he will bite the living crap out of me!  He is serious!  He does not want to go to bed!  Fortunately, since he is still young, it doesn't really hurt.  Not yet anyway.  It's really kinda funny in a way.  I can just hear him saying, 'No Mama, I wanna stay out a little longer!  Imma big boy now!'

Several of the older girls are going through their fall molt so we are not getting a huge amount of eggs right now but that's okay.  A couple of our regular egg customers were so taken with the fresh eggs they ended up getting their own hens!  So, mainly we just give the extras to family and some friends.  I still sell a few dozen here and there.

And Pumpkin is getting to be a big girl too.  She is very sweet and the prettiest little thing.  I'm really not sure when she will start laying because I wasn't sure how old she was when we got her, but I suspect she will be another month or so off.

I finally managed to get a few photos of Susie sitting in my lap.  The young Buffs get very jealous when they see Susie or PeePee in my lap and usually rush over in mass to fuss and push them out.  In return, Susie and PeePee take any chance to bite the young 'uns when they are out in the yard.

Chigger gets a little jealous too sometimes but not often.  She is so good with the chickens.  I wouldn't say she is fond of them (Ramona was the only one that was kind of a buddy) but she knows it's her job to protect them.

So, that's the news with the critters.  The garden and flowers are not doing a whole lot right now, as with myself.  We are working on changing that however.  I'm going to take the opportunity during my next firing, when the studio is really too hot to work in there, to do a good clean up in the main garden and possibly get in a few greens for the winter.  Or at least get things cleaned up and put away.

I'm working on a few changes for myself also, at least for as much as the pain in my body will allow.  I've got to get back to working on the house and may relegate the weekends for that or maybe Friday through Sunday.  Secondly, I've got to start producing more work and income.  I feel my pottery has become rather stagnant in design, so I am working on finding some new glazes that I will be excited to work with and new designs.  I was always able to make a good living in construction and take care of myself but now, since that is not an options anymore, I've got to get my art work up to an acceptable level of income.  If I can come up with some designs I really like, and that show promise in sales, I may consider methods of producing on a larger scale.  Not to say the work would be mass produced but maybe not completely hand thrown.  It would still be all completely hand made though.  I have to consider the fact that I may not be able to always build every single part of the rest of the house and so to be able to hire out a few things would be nice.  Like maybe the roof on the other half.  I would like to finish this house before I turn 80 also.  So, I've got to get serious about this and quit screwing around.  I need a cohesive set of styles and colors that reflect my work as a whole.  As I've said before too, I'd like to expand a bit more into the restoration work also.  I don't really expect that to ever be a big deal but you never know.  One may work out better than the other and I enjoy both lines of work.  Or one may be my main job and then just do a little of the other on the side.  I guess I'm open to either as long as I can make a decent living with it and enjoy what I'm doing.

Any changes out your way?  Has Fall made an appearance yet?


texasann said...

Love the beautiful biddies, Annie. They really are lovely, and Chigger-what else can be said? A boon companion, I'm sure.
Fall is being felt on the Gulf Coast, at least what we call Fall. 60s in the mornings, up to mid-80s during the day. That will only last thru this week, though, then another spell into the 90s, I'll bet. Then on to our real Fall. It always happens that way, but I'm enjoying this while I can!
Looking forward to your new pottery designs. Maybe I'll have to purchase a coffee mug for Big Brother Hermit's birthday present, especially since it was he who introduced me to you and your blog... Many thanks to him for that!

Pablo said...

Fall is starting to peek through the leaves of the trees. Cooler weather (great for running) is here. No big changes for me other than waiting for that grandson of mine to get here (in January).

ErinFromIowa said...

Fall has arrived here. Today is a damp drizzly day. I am being proactive and resting up while knitting. How about adding a yarn bowl to your ceramic line?

edifice rex said...

Hey Ann! I'm sure our weather will heat up again also before cooling off for good, but for now it's nice! Yeah, Jim might like a mug!

Hey Pablo! Oh yeah! that will be your first grandchild won't it?

Hey Erin! Well...I'm not much on those yarn bowls to tell the truth. To me they are kind of a fad and I have enough trouble just trying to keep up with the items I make now!.

JO said...

Fall here may not appear for another month if we're lucky.

I hope you realize what it is your working towards. I can't see why not as far as your artistic side your work is beautiful and restoration has been great.
I know with a positive outlook you can go far. And you enjoy it so there you have it.:)

edifice rex said...

Hey Jo! thanks! Yeah, I believe I know what I'm working towards. That is one thing I have been concentrating on a lot lately; just deciding for sure what my goals are.