Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Something's Got To Give

So, this is the third post I've attempted to write since the last time I posted.  Maybe the charm will do it's thing and all that.  I think every time I tell ya'll I'm gonna try to be back soon I end up waiting even later than I did before.  I don't think that's a conscious effort but who knows at this point.  My ass is dragging and according to many, that must be what's causing these headaches and awful brain fog.  I have a few things to write about, more if I'd put my mind to it, but I just don't have any desire.  I think at this point I've kinda said it all when it comes to my current situation.  I hurt a lot and I'm bored slap out of my mind.  Sometimes the simple life ain't so simple.

However, I'm not gonna let this post turn into a morose quagmire of despair!!  So, I'll keep it short.  Seriously, I've been doing some research into art restoration programs/ education etc. to see what is available.  Unfortunately, there are only about 9 universities in the U.S. that offer any kind of restoration program or degree and none of them are anywhere near me, of course.  I suspect now days you might can take some courses online but I will have to look into that more.  There are a few places that offer short term courses or workshops for certificates in specialized areas and I will look more into that.  Again, they are usually no where near my home but it's not an impossibility to travel somewhere for a couple of weeks or so.  Most of the courses I've seen so far are for building restoration though, and I'm not really looking for that, but there could be some specialty subjects where that might apply.  I've always done pretty well teaching myself in the subject but I would really like to take an actual course somewhere to get some kind of real accreditation.  I think one of the main things is that I really need to get out more, professionally speaking at least.

I'm also waiting on one last MRI of my tookus.  Exciting isn't it?.  Just what you wanted to know.  Blue Cross initially turned me down for the test, which is not terribly uncommon, but the BFD (big, fancy doctor) is working on getting it passed.  I guess Blue Cross didn't feel that 15 years (or more) of extortion level monthly premiums was enough to warrant them actually covering what they say they will.  Oh, I know that they have to check stuff out because there are people who will happily defraud an insurance company but it makes me feel a little better to gripe about them.

Sorry I didn't include photos but I didn't figure you all would be too interested in seeing pics of dried grass and half dead trees.  We did actually get some rain a couple days ago but it did not last as long as we had hoped and was sucked into the earth so quickly you could barely tell it had rained at all by the next morning.  I will say this; the chickens are having absolutely no trouble taking dust baths.  In fact, I think at this point they are digging the holes to mainly try and reach some cool level of earth, more than trying to bathe. 
Hope you all are getting by okay and I will try to post again soon!  Ha! Maybe with some actual photos.


ErinFromIowa said...

It is always good to hear from you. Plenty of rain over here. The house next to me is almost finished. Four floors including the ?basement? I will email pics. Keep us updated on your tuckus. ;)

texasann said...

Nice to hear from you again, Annie, but sorry to hear you're not feeling any better. Maybe this latest "tookus test" will, like the blog charm, have some results. In the meantime, just know that your have blogging friends-like-family out here who care, and are always glad to hear from you..
Upligting thoughts to you ~
Hermit's Baby Sis

edifice rex said...

hey Erin! 4 Floors! wow. the footprint did seem a little small from the other photos though. Cheaper to go up than out anyway.

Hey ann! thanks you! it's always good to hear from my readers also.

JO said...

Lets hope the new tests show something. This time of year is always a tough one waiting for the heat to break. We just had a big rain tonight.

Hope you find a class in restoration you want. I was looking for one in photography but of course they are at night. These eyes don't see well after dark.

edifice rex said...

Hey Jo! thanks! well, so far no luck on courses anywhere but I have found some good books so that might be one thing I can do. We got some more rain also so that is good!