Sunday, November 23, 2014

Something To Crow About

Tiny, little Tillie that was so small and almost succumbed to the spring chill....  Little T that was so small and got pushed around so much that he couldn't get enough to eat....  Little T that I brought inside to snuggle with me or sleep on a heating pad and finally had to eat by himself so he could get enough...

Has grown up into a fine, handsome young roo.   He's still an odd little thing though.  He will only crow occasionally and never in front of me!  He prefers instead to still talk in his little whistling chirps.  So far he is not aggressive with the girls.  He follows them around and struts a little but still seems a little shy.  I hope he stays that way.

They don't run from him like they did George.  Some of them even seem to like him... a little.  They tolerate him anyways.  You can't tell from the photos but he and Pumpkin are still like peas and carrots though.  Always together.  They are each other's best buddy, even though they squabble now and then.  Pumpkin gets mad at him every so often but she won't let him get far away before she runs to catch up!  They are so attached to each other I hope noting ever happens to one of them.

So, hopefully he will be our homestead rooster from now on.  He's a sweet bugger and I'd hate to get rid of him.

Time kinda got away from me this last week; I didn't realize it had been so long since I posted last.  It's warmed up now but we had a spell of some very cold weather and my aches and pains felt like they tripled.  I was in a fairly sorry state and by Thursday night I had about bottomed out.. but I'm feeling a good bit better now.  Not so much in the pain department but mentally anyway.

I don't have much to report on tonight though really.  Today was a very dreary, rainy day and what little motivation I had pretty much flew out the window.  The rest of the week is supposed to be brighter so maybe some of my energy will come back too.

Oh, I did have some questions for ya'll:  is anybody having trouble with my blog taking a long time to load, or the photos taking a long time?  I have been using a different camera at times that shoots at a much higher resolution than my old one did and I know it takes those photos longer to come up.  I reformatted one of the cards to a lower setting but wasn't sure if it was low enough for the blog.  I think it's probably okay but wanted to check.  And, is anybody having trouble commenting?  Of course, if you are you may not be able to tell me!  Ha! well, you could email me if you are.  I think also that the word verification has been put back on the commenting but I did not do it!!  I think Blogger must have taken it upon themselves maybe because of so much spam but I did not do that if anybody is peeved at me for it.  They have at least made the letters in the WV much easier to read lately.
So, basically, if anybody is having trouble with the blog please let me know.  Email me if you can't comment.


ErinFromIowa said...

I am so proud of Little T! Your photos load just fine on my kindle hd. Look awesome too!
I do have to confess lately I haven't commented because I started to and... fell asleep, had to go take care of Arlo and of course!...too peaked. All true! Lol

Pablo said...

The only trouble I have with your blog is that there isn't enuf of it!

texasann said...

The photos do take a little while to come up, but not overly long. Work fine for me. And glad to see you back! Emotionally rather than physically better we'll take, although we wish it could be both. Cold here very early this year - guess that means a long winter for the cwhole country - global warming anyone?

texasann said...

And no word verification, today at least ~

Ed said...

Ditto Pablo's comment!

JO said...

Everything works fine on my end. Did notice the color is much sharper and that is not a problem at all.

We hit 29 last night and it is still really cold. So a few more aches but that is life. Better get dressed and wrap the nozzle out side before it freezes again tonight. Feel better

pamit said...

What beautiful roo pictures! Tillie is a handsome animal indeed. --I hope your weather in AL is nice this week as I will be there for Thanksgiving. Looking forward to some southern warmth before the Colorado snow season.

edifice rex said...

Hey Erin! I'm proud of T too! thanks!

Hey Pablo! Aww, thanks! I'll try to do better.

Hey Ann! Looks like we are all in for a rough winter for sure! Blah!

Hey Ed! thank you! ya'll are sweet.

Hey Jo! thanks!

Hey Pam! thank you! It does look like we are going to have some nice weather this week so I hope you have a great visit!