Wednesday, December 10, 2014

.....And The World Laughs With You

... Or something along those lines.  Actually, with me I think it's more like, when I laugh everybody starts backing away slowly and easing on down the walk.  So, in case anybody was wondering, yes, that last post was meant to be funny.  I'm to the point now where you just have to laugh and make fun of things to keep from crying...or pulling your hair out. 
But in good news, I did manage to complete that firing and it all came out fairly well.  I was also pleased with a couple of new glazes that I had tested before but until now had not used on a whole piece.  My lower back is still not letting up on the pain so I had to get Jack to go with me into Birmingham to make the deliveries but he is always willing to help.  I can drive okay but could not pick up the crates that I haul my pottery in once they are packed.

So, we delivered a fair size load to Alabama Goods (one of my retail stores) and they were excited to get the stuff.  I could see why too because I really had very little inventory left there.  I didn't realize I had gotten that low.  I'm really going to try to get out another good size firing before Christmas for them.

I thought this goldish glaze went right nicely with the red and black.

Lots and lots of new mugs.  They are very popular for Christmas gifts.

This is a honey pot in case you were wondering why it has that notch in the lid.  That's where the honey dipper rests and the handle can stick out.

So, due to circumstances there is not a lot for me to write about, as far as things going on around here.  I had a number of things planned to start on but until my lower back improves I will not be starting any new projects.  Right now I think I flop back and forth between defiance and joking to almost despair and depression.  But I know it's just the pain talking.  It does wear on you.  Makes you silly sometimes and pissy as hell the next.  But whatdya do??  You have to just keep going and trying.  Something has to give eventually. 
Some of you that have followed the house building part for some time may know I don't have a bath tub in this house yet.  Only have a shower right now.  So Jack fixed me a make-due tub in the basement so that I could soak my back, which usually helps.  It's not exactly a jacuzzi by the fireplace, more like a horse trough by the wood-burning stove.... but it sure feels good.  Doesn't seem to help any....but it does feel good.  Chigger seems to think I may have lost it but we have fun soaking and listening to Christmas music.


ErinFromIowa said...

You and Jack are adorable in your creativity. Lol
Love your ceramics Annie. Especially the new glazes.

HermitJim said...

I thought a horse trough was a bathtub! Hey...if it makes the back feel better, who care what it looks like, right?

I simply love the mugs baby Sis got from you to give me on my birthday. I was so pleased to finally have something from my favorite potter. I should have gotten something long ago.

Love the new stuff! I'm hoping you have enough back relief to finish up the Christmas projects.

Sissy said...

Hope you added Epsom salts in the horse trough. It is a top-rated remedy for me - used to be; can't get down in a tub now.

The pottery is beautiful. Love the honey pot!

Wish Poverty would stand up and leave out that door. I'm tired of its company.

edifice rex said...

Hey Erin! aww, thank you!

Hey Jim! thank you and I'm SO happy to hear you like your mugs. I hope you enjoy them for many years to come.

Hey sissy! I did use Epsom salts! and it normally helps quite a bit but this back is being stubborn. And thank you! Yeah, these health issues have got me scraping the bottom of the barrel too. I've got to be able to remedy that soon.

Island Rider said...

Honey pots make me think of Winnie the Pooh! Love your work!

JO said...

Love your new glazes, the bowl is really cool.

You bath tub sounds special to me. Old country kind of tub.

edifice rex said...

Hey IR! thanks!

Hey Jo! thanks! yeah, I'm pleased with the glazes and the tub!