Monday, February 02, 2015

Lighten Up

The weather around here has just been all over the place lately, much like my thought patterns.  I have managed to get it together enough today though, to scribble out some kind of post.  Actually, I have some updates on some things I thought some of you might be interested in.
As far as the weather though, one day it's a nice sunny day near 60F and the next, like today, the temps are falling to near freezing and were got a few snow flurries.  Can't complain though.  This winter has been rather mild so far with a number of sunny days.
The girls certainly enjoy and take advantage of the nice days.  I think I took these photos Saturday when they were all out having a good time bathing and grazing.

In one news, over a week ago I went to my appointment at the UAB Pain Clinic to see if they could offer me any other alternatives to steroids for my SI joint.  The BFD got me into see these people and I'll admit, I didn't have a lot of hope going in.  However, I was glad I went anyway and it just goes to show that you never know unless you go! or ask!  At first, it didn't look too good after talking to the first doctor (who turned out to be a resident actually).  He said he only knew about the steroid procedure but did admit he could understand why I did not want to continue that.  Second doctor came in later though and had some very interesting information.  He also understood why I was refusing the steroids and admitted they often put some patients on Valium to get them through the initial treatment.  I just can't do that.  Anyway, he recommended physical therapy for 5 weeks and then if no improvement was made they would consider doing a nerve ablation.  Basically they fry the nerves going to my SI joint and you have almost instant pain relief for 5-6 months.  Of course, there are varying degrees of success with this but that is what they consider a best case scenario.

There is no guarantee it would work that well for me but I think it's worth a try if the PT doesn't work.  I think it would at least offer me a way to go on extended road trips like Jack and I like to do.  Even if I only had it done once a year we would have 5-6 months we could go places and I can handle it here the rest of the time.  So, I've been doing the PT for about 10 days now and I can't see really any improvement but I wouldn't really expect to so soon.  I am however, very sore from the therapy! so maybe it is an indication that those tendons are so tight and bound up it could be causing some pain.  At first I didn't really understand how PT could help but when you see how much tendons and ligaments hold our bones together it makes a bit more sense.  So, hopefully something good will come from this.

I have also continued my workouts at the gym and around here and that is going really well.  So far, I have lost at least 15 pounds, maybe more!  I'm very excited about that.  I hope to lose about 15-20 more and really lighten my load!  My feet still hurt... but maybe not quite as much.  All of these things are contributing to me being able to do a few more things around here lately.  If nothing else, the consistent exercise really does seem to help my mood and that makes you more eager to work on stuff.

So, in other news the girls are laying more and more.  We are getting 3,4-6 eggs a day.  They all seem to be doing well. 

Big T continues to learn about roostering and he's doing a pretty good job.  I had to laugh though, when the other day, two of the hens got into a real knock-down-drag-out.  T ran over and jumps right in the middle to break it up, flapping and scolding them thoroughly.  To which they promptly jumped all over him!  He did however, stop the two hens from fighting each other.


ErinFromIowa said...

Your chickens look happy. That is promising news on the health front. It is a beautiful cold yet sunny day here. The trees are wearing icy mantles after our winter storm.

edifice rex said...

Hey Erin! They should be happy...spoiled little things they are. I was excited about the health news too! Maybe some relief soon.

Ed said...

Being married to one and having been corrected probably hundreds of times, a resident is a REAL doctor. They are just a doctor with less practical experience than one who has completed residency. Back until the early 90's, it was common for doctors to only go through 1 year of residency (compared to 3 years or more these days) and be declared a General Practice doctor. Those who opt to go through full residency with become either an MD or a DO. Some go onto specialize further after that.

After graduating from medical school though, they are all REAL doctors whether we choose to put our faith in them or not. Lest you take this wrong, I'm with you, I want to see a doctor who has gone through residency and has a few years under their belt when I'm not well!

Ed said...

I should also mention that almost all doctors do three years of residency these days and General Practice doctors are almost extinct because they have a hard time getting hospital privileges and submitting claims to insurance. However any doctor that has been practicing for more than 25 years is almost certainly a General Practice doctor and never went through the full residency program.

Hermit's Baby Sis said...

Your girls are beautiful, and Big T is one good looking fella! Glad to hear your optimism, Annie, and that you are feeling better. I know losing 20 pounds did a world of good for the way I feel, but I found some of it again during the holidays. Working on that... Do you ever read Billy Bob's blog, Billy Bob's Travels? He was having major back problems and spent 6 months in GA trying to get relief with a variety of treatments, but chose not to have the nerve ablation. Of course, he's much older than you, smokes, and takes heart and BP meds. He's back home in South Texas, but happy with his decision. Hope all works well for you, whatever you decide.

edifice rex said...

Hey Ed! That's all very interesting info! thanks for sharing. I had no idea about the lengths of residency, the GP requirement or when they were officially proclaimed A Doctor. And in my defense, the resident didn't have near the information the other guy did! lol! He was very nice though.

Hey Sis! I know of Billy Bob and his blog but have never read a whole lot of it. I wonder why he chose not to have the ablation. I was talking to a family member today whose neighbor did have it done for lower back pain and is ecstatic with how much it helped him. It's something I will certainly research quite a lot before I actually agree to it.

JO said...

Hope the PT works for you. I was just reading about BB not doing the treatment, but I also read a blog where they did do it and they had been in horrible pain for years, it worked for her and she was thrilled with the results.

edifice rex said...

Hey Jo! thanks! Yeah, I have talked to people that had it done and it worked great or they had it done and it just didn't do much, but nothing bad. I'll research it a lot more for sure.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Glad to read that you have been feeling better, Annie. Great news on the exercise and weight loss too. I have been going to our fitness center on a regular basis, but can't report as good results as yours :-( The "girls" take great photos and spoiling surely agrees with them!

Sal said...

Awesome for you feeling better! AND-
just got word that my calendar shipped- YAY!

Auntybelle said...

Hey hey yoU!

Yore chicks is boootiful. Fun distractions, ain't they?

hated to hear all the trouble wif' yore SI joint--mercy, Chile' that ain't no fun. But real pleased to learn the PT may be an answer fer ya/ I pray so.

Always a fun time when I come over heah to visit.

edifice rex said...

Hey Bea! thanks! well, I've really been working my butt off to lose that weight! Hopefully I can keep going.

Hey Sal! thanks so much! hope you enjoy the calender!

Hey Aunty! Great to hear from you! No, a sore SI joint is no fun a'tall but I'm real encouraged that something can be done about it one way or another.