Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Sick As a Dog


Unbelievably enough,  Jack and I still has this crud, head cold/ sinus infection...whatever it is.  I have felt like I was getting better a couple of times only to have it relapse and feel like crap again.  Well, it will eventually go away.  
I don't feel bad enough to lay in bed all day so boredom becomes a problem for me after a while.  Don't really want to spend much time in my studio because of all the dust and stuff there, when I already feel like my facial sinuses are going to explode.  So, I have been cleaning house!  Ha!  Sort of.  I've gone through all my clothes and sorted out a big bag to take to Goodwill and another big bag to recycle.  I redid my new address book, something that's needed doing for a long time.  I've been putting off my taxes but I need to do that soon.  I sorted through and cleaned my desk.  Got up a big pile of magazines and old catalogs to recycle also.  The weather has been very crappy for the most part while we have been sick, so that kinda lends it's self to staying in and cleaning up, sorting and purging.  I'm not done in that department by any means but have made some progress.

They had been talking for a while about us getting a big snow and they hit it pretty good this time.  Everybody was kinda wondering because the morning was kinda nice; not too cold, partly cloudy.  Then about noon it started clouding up and turning colder.  Sure enough, it wasn't much longer it was snowing like hell.  I think our area got some of the heavier amounts but it's still coming down as I write this so who knows.  At dark we had about 4 inches and will probably get another 2 or so tonight.  I know that's not squat compared to the northern states but to us that is a fair snow.  One day I'll have to scan some old photos I have of the one time it snowed about 18 inches here.  I had truly never seen anything like that.

So, I'll be back soon with snow pictures and such.  I have to admit I'm not real enthused about this snow.  Normally we are; ya'll know Jack and I love to play in the snow.  He even bought us new sleds, but being sick takes all the fun out of it.  I just want warm weather.  Chigger was really wanting to play this afternoon too and she just couldn't understand why I didn't want to.


JO said...

That really sucks that you are both still sick. Lots of people here seem to be getting chest things and don't know if it's allergies or a chest cold. Allergies here are really bad right now due to all the stickin rain. I know we need it but the mold problem and the stuff blooming is nasty. Hope you all get well pretty soon. The snow looks nice but then we don't get any so pictures look good.

Hermit's Baby Sis said...

Everyone I know who was sick this season has really had it hang on, Annie. Right now in our part of the world, it's allergies - so many things blooming now, and the really bad stuff (pine) is yet to come. Hubby and I have been lucky, nothing bad so far. Guess we had our share the past 2 years. Hang in there - al least you got some inside things done, which if you're like me, would not have gotten done if I had a chance to avoid them! Hope y'all feel better soon!

Ed said...

It's been a tough year for illnesses all around. I've suffered through two flu-like illnesses despite a flu shot and one round of a head cold. I was sick of being sick! Hope you get through it because spring is definitely around the corner down where you live. I still have a few more weeks to suffer through.

Eighteen inches of snow! I'm surprised anyone lived to tell the tale! We got only four inches yesterday so you officially have more snow on the ground than we do up here. Is your fireplace working? That is where I would spend my day if I was sick and it was snowing.

Sissy said...

We got another six inches here during the night. I'm so sick of it all. Two BIG snows in one week. Drat.

I've been very fortunate so far - no colds. Out in 'very' public crowds yesterday may change that though BUT who will care for me and the dogs. It's not 4 anymore but 4 + a bit; a little bitty bit of white fluff

edifice rex said...

Hey Jo! thanks! This must be some kind of really bad chest cold and it is prevalent here.

Hey sis! thanks! yeah, everyone is saying it takes at least a couple weeks to get over. I do not like this at all!! I think it's what we get for going to Montevallo last week! ugh!

Hey Ed! Yeah, I know many people who go the shot and still got the flu; that's been common this year.
Oh, the 18 inches of snow was the storm of the century!! they made t-shirts and everything! lol!
The wood stove is running non-stop and if I'm not in bed I'm right by the vent! Worse than Grendal when she used to sit on top of them and block all the heat!

Hey Sissy! Oh man! I normally would love that kind of snow but I am so tired of cold right now. It makes me hurt all over.