Saturday, June 06, 2015

Move That Body

Several of ya'll have commented that you are happy to hear I've been feeling more like working lately, and I appreciate your encouragement.  So does this mean I am not hurting much anymore?  No, unfortunately, I still hurt as much as ever.....but a few months ago I just said 'the hell with it.'  I'm apparently going to hurt no matter what, so I could either lay around and hurt or try to get some stuff done while hurting! haha!  Might as well.
Of course, learning to throw standing up has helped a great deal and that's the main reason I've been more productive there.  I also was very unhappy at how much weight I had gained during my real bad flare of 2014 and thought that losing that might help some of the pain, especially in my feet.  I believe I told ya''ll about starting up at the gym and all and making some progress in that regard.  I'm very proud to now report I've lost about 30 lbs.  I can't say that the pain is much better but I think I do have a bit more energy and not as much of the brain fog.  I would truly like to lose another 10 lbs. just to see if it helped the pain any.  I know now days people get all up in arms if women want to lose too much weight (and they should be concerned) but honestly, I am desperate for even some relief and willing to try. 

In a way, I was surprised that the weight came off as easy as it did but I have to confess, it was not all my great determination and such.  Basically, there are many days when I have absolutely no appetite.  I have to force myself to eat.  However, since I have gotten more of a handle on the anxiety those days are fewer.  Someone here had suggested I try magnesium and I mentioned I had been doing that and didn't see any improvement from it.  Then I realized the form of magnesium I was taking was not very good (magnesium oxide) and so probably the reason why it wasn't helping as it's not very readily absorbed.  I have since switched to magnesium citrate and it's working much, much better.

I also mentioned in a previous post that, due to my many matching symptoms, MRIs and research with medical personnel, I am just going to go with the assumption that I have spondylitis, more specifically ankylosing spondylitis.  Now, I realize my opinion doesn't really mean a hill of beans.  It doesn't prove in any way I have this but you know the old saying, "if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck....".  And being that the signs of AS are SO specific (inflamed SI joint being the grand daddy of 'em) I figure I'm very close and besides, one of the main and only reliable treatments for AS is exercise.  Constant, steady exercise.  "Move it or fuse it" as they say.  So again, I said, "what the hell".  It sure doesn't hurt to try that either.  Well, actually, it can hurt a little for a little while as you learn what exercises you can or can't do.  I SO wanted to get back into running and had envisioned myself triumphantly finishing 5Ks and maybe even some half-marathons!!  And then I started out slow and tried for a couple of months now.  I was doing 2 mile runs about 3-4 times a week.  This past week I made it to #3 for the week and had one of the biggest, worst flares I have ever had.  It knocked me down for 2 days.  So, it appears that my joints just cannot take the jarring motion of running or similar sports.  Now, if there was competitive hiking I could kick some ass!  I can do weights though, and yoga, stretching, hiking, swimming and probably lots more stuff.  And building!!  Bending over to weld kinda gets to me now but I can modify that too.

 Over the past 2 years I have learned many things.  A lot of the things I learned was not pretty and I've mentioned this before; people will dump you when you get sick.  Especially if you look like I do in the first there is absolutely nothing wrong with me, athletic even.

So, let me say a big, huge thank you!! to all of you that have hung in here with me.  I have been told by a few people I needed to stop writing about feeling bad or being sick but I noticed that I don't get that many comments whether I'm writing on that or the garden or chickens or whatever.  Sure, some of my readers dumped me when I got sick but many didn't.  Besides, it's my blog!  Don't like it?  then bite me!  I imagine that there are many others like me out there that might like to have someone they can relate to.  To read about their ups and downs and how they got through it.  'Cuz I can tell has gotten damn quiet around here in the past 2 years.  People I used to see and hear from, ain't there any more.  I know there are some people reading here that can relate to that!

But don't ya'll worry about me...I'm gonna keep plugging along.  And I'm gonna have some more building posts because I'm gonna finish this damn house if it's the last thing I do, and I'm gonna show everybody when I do!! 


JO said...

Good for you I like your spirit. Can't wait to see the work on the house.

I was really enjoying my exercise class until WHAM! Awful pain left side of rib and back. No fall no idea how but managed to crack the 8th rib. Doing better and looking forward to getting out on the road next week.

ErinFromIowa said...

Keep on keeping on. That's one of my mottos. :)

Sal said...

I stop in every couple days or so and am always thrilled when there is something new to read. I cheer for success and curse for more pain, but rarely have anything to add. I'm not going anywhere. Please keep posting, whatever the topic. Generally if it is helpful to you to write it I get something out of reading it. And I LOVE my calendar!

Pablo said...

I've always admired your spirit. And your talent. And your charm.

Hermit's Baby Sis said...

And look at that bicep! Wow - don't know if that's from exercise or concrete work, but it's impressive!
We're always happy to hear of improvements to your house and your health, and will listen and moan with you when that's appropriate, too. Just know that we are here ... That's what friends are for, right?

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Once again, you have told it "like it is" in yiur world, Annie, and there is nothing wrong with that cause a straight shooting approach has always been your style. And, that's why we keep reading, although not always posting a comment. Blogging is something we do for ourselves just as you do and sure we get all kinds of happy when folks leave a comment, but also know others read and don't comment and that's OK too. So, keep on posting and we will keep on reading. Congrats on your hard work and feeling a little better and nice to see you too!

Ed said...

I didn't know you were a gun owner, actually have two of them. Then I remember that picture of your arms way back when you were welding and remember... oh yeah!

My joints would never let me run so back in the day, I rode a bicycle a lot. It is easy on the hips and knees yet strengthens both areas. Not sure how the rest of your body would take to sitting on a bicycle seat though.

edifice rex said...

Hey Jo! OMG! you cracked a rib?! I've heard that can be awful painful. Hope it heals up soon! And thank you!

Hey Erin! My Mama has always said that too! It's a good motto.

Hey Sal! Great to hear from you! and know you are still reading. So glad to hear you are enjoying the calender!

Hey Pablo! thank you hon! I'll take your word on the charm tho! lol! always figured I was more like a bull in a china shop.

Hey Sis! that bicep is from concrete and steel. haha! thanks!

Hey Bea! thank you and good to hear from you!

Hey Ed! Ha! yeah, they're still here; was just covered in fat for a while! I would like to be able to cycle but I think trying to sit my tailbone on a bicycle seat would be absolute agony. Wooo! It hurts just thinking about it! Swimming is nice but I am terribly allergic to the chlorine; that's why I take any opportunity to swim in natural waters. The ocean is heaven.

Rita said...

Thank you for the info on magnesium. At least one bottle I have here is the wrong kind so I will be making a change. I am glad you have made discoveries that are helping you. You know I hate to exercise. I never get one bit stronger but I know it keeps me from losing what I have and I need to keep at it because when I dont I begin to get tight muscles and have stiff walking.

Podunk Paul said...

I don't write often, Annie, but read your blog faithfully. Your courage is inspiring. Keep up the good work!

edifice rex said...

Hey Rita! good to hear from you! you're welcome. That's why I share health stuff; I know there is probably someone out there in at least a similar situation that might could use the info.

Hey Paul! thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Still here :)