Sunday, June 21, 2015

Not Much To Say

 Mostly I think I've just been really busy since Jack has been gone.  You don't really realize how much having someone else helping out, is really helping out...until they are not around to do their chores!  Of course, I knew Jack was a big help to me and I've taken care of the place several times before when he's been gone but I think it was always in the fall, when there is not quite as much business. 
I'm still working on getting the garden situated and now some stuff is starting to come in and I have to do something with it!  Blueberry jam is on the agenda this week, for example.  And I still have my pottery to work on also.

 I pulled up those weirdo squash things and got a couple of actual yellow squash to go in their place.  Of course, some of the girls had to check out the carnage.  They did eat one of the fruits that I busted open for them but they didn't seem real enthused about it.

Just more gratuitous flower stuff for lack of anything of more substance to publish.  I'll try to get some more thoughtful posts out soon but my brain has just been kinda blah lately.  Sometimes I actually have so much that I'm thinking about, or might want to post about, that I have trouble sorting it all into one reasonable subject or topic.  Or maybe I just don't think it would be that interesting to anyone.  Ha!

So, I'll try to dig up something interesting soon.  Hope everyone is staying cool out there...or warm as the situation may be!


ErinFromIowa said...

The flowers at the end! What can you tell me about them?

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

That pile on unwanted squash stuff was really huge. How will you dispose of it to keep it from volunteering again, Annie? Enjoyed the purple day lily photos at least I think that's what they are a variation of. And, yes, you do realize how much help someone else is...when the oerson is not around for awhile.

Hermit's Baby Sis said...

We are always interested, Annie, in whatever you post. I'm gardening gratuitously through you.
Sometimes I wish my hubby would go away for a few days so I could tackle some of the things he seems to be putting off. But I do know what a help he is around the house with shopping, some cleaning, etc. Just because he doesn't do them the way I would doesn't mean it's not right. I'd just like to get my teeth into some of his projects ...

byGeorge said...

I'm always enthused to read your posts, Girl. The hybrid Lily is beautiful - royal purple! And btw, should have said it before; your header "Forest" really does so much for me. The photographer knows her stuff. Thriving gardens = a lot of work.

Jack will be back before you know it and help you catch up.

edifice rex said...

Hey Erin! Well, unfortunately, not a lot. I can't remember the name of this variety but I may have saved the tag from it; I usually do. If I come across it I'll let you know.

Hey Bea! I have dragged it down to the burn pile where I'll let it dry out and then torch it! I pulled them up before they produced much and then picked the fruit; didn't let it fall off and rot.

Hey sis! I find it easier to do some projects when Jack is not around also. Not sure why... he doesn't really fuss about anything. I guess I just like to do stuff my way! lol!

Hey George! thank you! Well, I think I've stayed pretty caught up, which I was hoping to. I didn't want Jack to come back and have to go right to work again! He has enough to do around here as it is!