Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Second Wind

 Actually, I think it's more like my forth or fifth wind....but anyway.  I'm still here and I think I'm beginning to see just a glimmer of improvement.  And hey, I got new chicken pictures!!  Ya'll always like photos of the girls.
 The pics are not great because I waited too close to dusk and the lighting wasn't great but they came out well enough for the blog.  Towards sundown, all the girls move down to the lawn in front of the hen house to do their last bit of foraging before heading inside for the night.

This is Ms. Ella and her sister Ms. Etta is usually not far behind.  I can't actually tell them apart most of the time but it doesn't really matter.  Ella will let you pet her though and Etta won't.

Here's a more up to date one of Rudy Roo and his two girls.  They are a sweet bunch but not real friendly as they were raised by Etta and not us.  That's okay though;  I don't need to get any more overly attached to even more of the chickens.

Ya'll may remember Muffin, one of the little Silkies we got here while back.  They are just the cutest little things ever.  Penny, her buddy, has gone broody (they are horrible about that) but Muffin has learned to come up to the house and hang with the big girls during the day.  We let her sleep next to Penny in the boxes at night but I'm proud of her for finally getting the courage to join the other girls during the day.  And boy, she gets right in there with them too, when treats are thrown out.  She gets her fair share.  She's also got stepped on a few times but she doesn't let them deter her.

This is Big Bertha Butt.  Well, just Bertha really.  She's the oldest gal we have.  I suspect she's about 8 years old but she seems healthy as can be.  She doesn't really lay anymore (maybe one egg every few months) but that's okay.  She's sweet and unassuming.  Plus, she came from a rough place where they kept her in a little bitty pen (dirt hole) with 4 other chickens and I just want her to live as long as she can out in the green grass and trees to make up for her rough start.  I don't know how much she remembers of her start but maybe she has forgotten about it by now.

Don't worry, Gertie was just sunbathing....she's okay.  She loves to sunbathe.  Poor ol' thing, she's kinda fat and when she lays down like that she just looks like a big puddle.

So, as I said, things are getting a little better.  Believe it or not, my mood is better!  and I am getting some more noticeable pain relief.  In fact, I'm sitting here typing this and it's not bad at all.  My right hip is a little sore but that's way better than what I usually experience.  I'll tell ya'll all about it a little later but basically I made just a couple of little tweaks to my treatment and I think that has been the key.  I'm still on the strict no-starch and no-diary and that's going better too.  I'm getting better at making stuff and am learning how much food I need to keep at hand (lots) so that I don't get hungry or run out of energy.  You really have to substitute LOTS of veggies and fruit in place of starches.
I joined an online group for folks with AS and that are also on the no-starch diet (NSD) and that has been a great help.  I asked them about the fatigue I was experiencing and they brought it to my attention that since we are not eating grains in any form anymore, your body is probably not getting near the B-complex vitamins that it was, since that's where most of those vitamins come from.  So....I immediately got a good B-complex with no starch and have been taking 2-3 a day to get caught up and it seems to be working.  My energy has been better and I've even been able to get back to exercising for the most part.  Not anything really strenuous and monstrous but pretty good anyway.  I still crash a little in the mid-afternoon but not horrible like I was.  I expect it to continue to improve.

And I'm back at the pottery!  I don't think I showed ya'll these new casserole dishes I was working on.  They came out real well I thought.  I was pleased with the designs.  One of the larger ones sold rather quickly after I got it in the store so that was encouraging.  I also received word that I was accepted into a big art show for next month in downtown Birmingham.  This one is an actual ART show and they even said my work scored in the top percentage by the judges so it would be eligible for cash awards.  I suspect they tell most everyone that but it was still nice!

So, I've been trying to crank out a lot of work lately.  I'm not going as fast as I'd like but I'm not doing too horrible.  Got to pick it up a notch or two though.  I want to have tons of new inventory for this show because I think it will be a good one.  It is held downtown in the swanky business district of Birmingham (yes, they have one) and is at the time of year people start thinking about Christmas shopping.  Plus, 2 of my stores have been squealing for new and more stuff so I just don't have time to keep feeling bad!!  And...if this show is a good and profitable one, we can go to the beach!!!  And I really, really NEED a beach trip this year.


ErinFromIowa said...

Wonderful news on your health!
I sure did love the chicken bios and photo!
Your pottery style really pleases my eyes.

Hermit's Baby Sis said...

Annie - Great to hear good news on all fronts!! I'm so glad for you and Jack!
Muffin seems to be well-named, and Bertha is beautiful. I'm sure she is grateful to have you in her life.
The casseroles are crave-worthy. I'd love to maybe pre-order a couple for my kids for Christmas. Keep me in mind, ok?
Ready to hear more good news in the future - prayers continuing ~

edifice rex said...

Hey Erin! thank you! glad you enjoyed it all.

hey Sis! thank you! I will try to keep a few extra casseroles on hand.

Pablo said...

It all sounds encouraging. I hope you get that beach trip for all of your work.

edifice rex said...

Hey Pablo! thanks! I hope so too!

JO said...

Great news! the girls look so healthy and happy. I mentioned on your pottery page about the casserole dishes, I love the square one. I had been looking for one for a long time and bought one that's OK but not great at World Market. But we know it just isn't pottery lol

Still waiting for the ins. to OK my ct scan and nuclear bone tests this is getting to me big time and I think I will start this no startch eating to see if it works for me too.

edifice rex said...

Hey Jo! Definitely try the no-starch. I'll tell you, it's hard at first but you get the hang of it pretty quick. There are lots of books and cookbooks on the subject and I recommend getting one or two cookbooks because it helps a lot to give you new ideas for dishes and stuff. Not having bread is very difficult but man of the cookbooks have great muffin, cookie recipes etc. using almond flour. Carol Sinclair's book (she kinda started the whole thing) is very good.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Great news on the upcoming shows, Annie, and from the looks of it you really have been cranking out some pieces. The casserole pot made me think of how good food would be cooked in that on a winter's day.The girls look wonderful and I really liked their names too.