Monday, February 05, 2018

Come Calling

 Hey! Ya'll bear with me!  I am working towards setting up a new blog and will get with those that have expressed interest very soon.  Thank you so much for all the responses!  I was pleasantly surprised to see so many still reading.  I intend to reply to each email and I truly appreciate all the kind words.  I will probably post here a couple more times also.
Here's a few chicken photos to appease you until I can get new stuff going! haha!

All the girls are doing well, although I have lost a few over this past year.  My dear, sweet little Ms. Peepers died though and I am just heartbroken still.  I still miss her so much.  She was one of my "lap chickens" and loved to be petted and snuggled.  She was a character.
I am doing well and getting a lot of stuff done.  I'm still having to adjust my meds some but I think I am making progress.  I've slacked off on my exercise though...which is badbadbad and need to get back to that.  I'm staying very active but that's not the same as regimented exercise.

I am making some progress on the house but am also working on redoing some stuff on the chicken house, garden and those areas.  So, lots of stuff going on.  I have good news on the art front also that I'll tell ya'll about soon.

My poor old neighbor with dementia is getting worse but he's not causing me any trouble, although he is still trying to and weekly threatens to call the sheriff about something.  He's gotten so out of his mind though it's gone from scary and concerning to just sad and pitiful.  The last incident was that he is convinced I am sneaking into his house to steal canned mangos, because I'm starving since Jack left.  It's just sad.  He is so miserable and he hates everyone.  It's like his hate is just collapsing in on him and he lashes out at anyone he comes across.  We've known him for many years now and we don't think he was ever a particularly nice person, i.e. is family won't have anything to do with him. Now he is reaping all those years of being hateful and judgemental towards everyone because no one will go up there out of fear and due to what he has done to folks over the years....He did and said some horrible things to me but I just feel sorry for him.  I don't know that I've ever seen anyone that full of hate for so many right at the end of their life.

But, things are going well for me and I'm very optimistic.  I'm trying hard to just concentrate on improving things here and working on my health.  See y'all soon!!


Practical Parsimony said...

My sweet grandmother who loved me turned vicious toward me, accusing me of stealing from her. It hurt so much as a child, but I know it was not her saying those things. My neighbor with Alzheimer's stole from neighbors all night long and was just mean to all of us. She would steal a cinder block, a tarp, anything at all.

As I looked at the chickens, I wonder which one Dominique.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your neighbor, but you otherwise sound positive and unbeatable.

Ed said...

I would have to be really hungry to steal a can of mangoes from somebody. Now some steaks from their freezer or fresh fruit from their orchard, I can see but a can of mangoes... I don't think so.

MamaHen said...

Hey Linda! Well, ol' Fred was never nice apparently, so we think it's more his true nature coming out. He's always been real judgemental towards people, especially if they were poor or a minority.
In the top photo, I am pretty sure that Dominique is the one on the left, closest to the camera. she is still doing well.

Hey Paul! I am very positive and happier than I've been in years!!

Hey Ed! Hahah! that's exactly what I said! Well, if you had ever seen this guy's kitchen or house....lordalmightly... I'd go through the trash cans in town behind the restaurants before I'd eat anything that came out of his house; the trash would would be cleaner. If he thinks I'd steal edible stuff from him...that just proves how crazy he is. Anyone else would get botulism or something from touching anything in there but I guess he's built up an immunity.

Practical Parsimony said...

Well, he sounds like a miserable old man even before he lost it. In the second photo, that could be her behind the water, tail up. I am so happy for her.

MamaHen said...

Hey Linda! Oh yeah, he's been a hateful person for quite some time.
Yes, that could be her! I have 5 Barred Rocks also and I can't really tell them apart unless I can see Dominique's head. She seems to be enjoying herself here.

Hermit's Baby Sis said...

Good for you, MamaHen. You sound so positive and upbeat - nice to see you and the girls out and enjoying life - keep it up!

Caddie said...

It's been awhile; come back to us, MamaHen. We miss your goodness.