Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A Beginning

Well, I've been a little under the weather the past few days so we didn't get anything done on the house this past weekend and so, no new house photos. I will try to post something about the land or house even though I'm not sure if we will make much progress this next weekend either. Too much real work takes a toll sometimes and then when you get sick it's hard to catch up.
Anyway, these are some irises that I planted this spring by our little stream and was very happy to see that they really seem to like it there. I love the dark colors. We have some yellow ones planted in the area too and a little further up, some daylilies. Which you are required by law to plant in the South or so it seems anyway.
I put out about 4 clusters of these in this area. This is where we had to do alot of digging and rearranging to get the driveway in and so I've been working hard to get it back to a more natural state. This is also where the turtle from the previous post was laying her eggs or whatever. By the time I got back down there to investigate the turtle, it had come a pretty hard rain and packed the dirt where she was but there was a little mound there. I was afraid to dig around any lest I hurt them if they were there so I opted to just mark the spot with some stones and keep an eye on it. When we were first putting in the driveway, we unfortunately dug into a turtles nest and spilled all the eggs out. I tried to rebury them but after reading a post on PureFlorida's blog I realized it was too late and sure enough, they never hatched. So maybe I can make ammends by watching over these. Or maybe not 'cause the turtle might have just been sitting there, taking a break. I don't know.


pablo said...

I came across a turtle digging in the lakebed over the weekend. If that lake happens to fill soon, those eggs will never hatch either.

Sorry you're feeling so bad. I've had a cough for two weeks. I'm sick of being sick.

edifice rex said...

Hey pablo! Here's hoping both our future turtles come out ok!
Hopefully we will both be feeling better soon too. I think my thyroid has screwed up and that's why I'm having a hard time getting back. I've got to get back on that house though.

pablo said...

I like the deep colors of the irises too. We have some in a damp area in our backyard in suburbia, and each spring I love the color.