Saturday, June 17, 2006

Movin' In

Unfortunately, we are not the ones moving in yet but everyone else is trying to. This little nest showed up quickly the other day. It's a little wren I think. It chose a very nice little spot except for there was also a wasp's nest right above it (which may have come later) but I disposed of them. There are several other wasp nests I need to get too. I saw these fake wasp nests that you can buy and you hang them around where they tend to want to build. The catalog said that wasp are very territorial and if they see another nest in the area that they will go somewhere else to build. I wonder. Seems worth a try I guess but then I thought, well, you could just collect some old, abandoned wasp nest and glue them around and that should work if that theory is true. Maybe? Anybody ever tried such a thing? We are also having a time with carpenter bees. They were on that wood within hours of us starting to frame, poking around, trying to find a suitable spot to start boring holes. I don't like to kill them because they are such good pollinators but I would like to discourage them from eating my house.
I was afraid that we scared the little mama bird off because I didn't see it when we would come down to work but she is back now. I try to stay away but sometimes we have to go under the house for tools and such.
Hopefully I will have something about the house tomorrow. Work has gotten so busy that it looks like I may only be posting on the weekends as ya'll have probably figured out by now. I have decided to close my gallery due to work and very poor sales etc. We have just gotten ourselves spread too thin lately so I am cutting back on some stuff and trying to concentrate on getting more done on the house. I like to be busy but when it quits being fun then its time to change something. No sense in running yourself to death; you need to enjoy work and have some quite time too.

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