Friday, June 23, 2006

Progress Report

They finally set the 3 chimney pieces I made for the Big House. This corner piece is one of them. I was very pleased with the fit and color. I don't think anyone would know they were not original; I really got lucky on these. These were set while I was away from the job sick but the guys did put a small little time capsule of sorts inside one the the pieces. Many thanks to Pablo who suggested the idea! Charles, the mason foreman, made a little canister out of PVC with a screw on end and put a letter inside telling about all of us and the date etc. and a few coins that were minted this year.
This is the view from the other side and the piece next to the corner is one of mine too. I really wonder if anyone will ever find the stuff we put inside and if they do, what year will it be?
This is Charles, the foreman; he and his crew did a fabulous job of setting the pieces and reworking all the chimneys. I hope to get a good group photo of everybody before the job is over.
This is part of the wood work off of the front of the house that I have been working on. This piece is small enough (about 4' tall) that I could take it to my studio to work on it. This is one of a pair of these heads that go over the front entrance to the house.


pablo said...

I'm glad you liked the idea of the time capsule. I love those kinds of things. (I even have some stones at the bottom of my lake with my initials carved on them that no one may ever see, but I like knowing they are there.)

I'm very impressed with your craft skills. I'm sure you could sustain a whole blog on that alone. I am eager, however, to hear more about your country house progress as time allows.

Love your blog!

edifice rex said...

Hey Pablo! the guys loved the idea too and I think had alot of fun thinking up what to put in it.

I will be posting more on the house soon; sorry there has been such a slow down on that. It's been one thing right after another lately delaying us from working on the house. Illness, funerals, surgery, you name it! But I think things are settling down some.