Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Higher Ground

Here are some roof detail shots. We have not made alot of progress on the roofing due to poor weather. It's either been raining here or the wind has been blowing pretty hard and it's very difficult and dangerous to try to handle sheets of metal this big in much wind. You can get an idea of the type of roofing that we are using though. I'm still hearing about choosing this type from the BFA. (He hates it) He did admit though that all architects had rather sit and complain about what had already been done rather than be an active participant in choosing beforehand. I think he just likes to aggravate me too. Anyway, I like the stuff and I think its going to look good. This is a detail where the pieces overlap although the overlapping piece is not there yet! You can either run a bead of silicon down the joint or use this sticky, gummy stuff that the manufacturer sells. It's like 2-sided tape, kinda.
This shot shows the edge flashing that hides the 2 stacked 2x4's that contain the Iso Board. I think its a nice detail. We screwed the trim every 2' o.c. above the rafter tails. These screws have little neoprene gaskets made on them so they seal up the penetrations they make in the sheets. We use a cordless drill with a nut driver and they run in pretty easy.
A friend requested a photo showing the whole house and I tried to get one that showed what little roof we have on. I know this photo sucks but it was about the best I could do at this time of day. The roof is highly reflective, as you can imagine, and in the afternoon this was the best angle. I'll try to get one in the morning time. Any newcomers also keep in mind that this is only half of the house. The rest will hopefully be built at some later, unknown date. You can see my growing collection of concrete block and stone though, that I will use to enclose the underside of the house and build planters with. I'm hoping that this light colored roof will do alot to cut down on heat gain in the summer. We'll see.


pablo said...

I love to see the progress you are making on the house. Also, that toy truck you have in the one photo sure makes the roof look high.

karl said...

what were the complaints about the stee roofing?

edifice rex said...

Pablo! Doesn't it! don't be talking bad about ol' Blue though. I got onto FC about that godawful contraption he had rigged up recently to work on his roof and then I looked at the pick boards we have up and I thought, "well, I shouldn't say much I guess". I do wear a harness at least because it is a fair distance down to the ground and have that pile of rocks to land on is some incentive also.

hey Karl! He wanted me to use corrugated steel which is what is sounds like; the ribs are close together like the middle layer of cardboard. It does look nice and I probably should have gone with that but I assumed it would cost more (I'm still not sure about that) and was afraid it might look too busy. (probably not). I still like this type though and like I said, the BFA just likes to aggravate me although it really does irritate him if I don't go with what he says. Which, if you're going to have an architect you should trust them.

Floridacracker said...

heehee. That ladder was so roped, only a hurricane could have moved it

Well, this was a timely piece. I like your choice better than the rippley kind. What's your roof pitch?

It's totally fascinating watching your place come together.

The mailbox stand in the previous post is elegant.

edifice rex said...

Hey FC! I'm sure you had it qiute secure and safe; it just looked funny!
The roof is on a 5/12 pitch. At first I was afraid this was not steep enough, but I like it now. I don't like really steep roofs because it seems like that's all you see; this giant roof sitting there.
Thanks and I'll tell Allen you like his design!