Sunday, January 07, 2007

Nick Of Time

Hey, what are those funny pieces of glass that keep the rain and wind out and raise up and down?? They're my windows!!!! We worked most of the weekend installing these and got all of them on the main level in. We still lack the 4 clerestory windows. Those are going to be a little bit of a challenge since they are up so high. We did get the pick board up and everything prepped for it so we can just go right to sticking the windows in. About 30 minutes after we got the last of these windows in a huge storm hit. But no rain came in! It's starting to look more like a house now. I'm excited!
I'll have more about the windows on the next post probably with some better pictures. I was just trying to put up a little something for now. These are all wood with composite sills. I've have to replace too many rotted sills for other people. And no, I did not go with a big name like Pella and I'll tell you why later. It wasn't the cost. Well, not entirely!
We also installed the bathroom and shower lights and bathroom exhaust fan and did a little more wiring in the living room. It seems like that is going on forever. Crazy architect and his crazy lighting plan. I'll try to post more soon; maybe tomorrow.


pablo said...

I'm eager to hear your reasons for not going with Pella or other name brands.

Also, we've had most of the sills in our house replaced with composite.

Anonymous said...

Looking good. The TYVEK is not upside down NORMAN

edifice rex said...

Hey Pablo! I think composite sills really are the way to go nowdays.

Thanks Norman! Me and Allen are both so anal we had to make sure all the Tyvek ran the same way.