Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Mailman, Bring Me No More Blues

I'm somebody!!! We have mailboxes! No mail yet but, hey! We'll get to that. I thought Allen came up with a nice design for them that incorporated anti-bash structure. We have the occasional teenage box mashers like everywhere does I guess and we are hoping maybe they will skip over these. I know these are not the most exciting photos but it has been raining alot here lately or dark by the time I get home so I have not been able to get many pictures lately. Several people have requested certain shots of the house and I am working on it!!
The roof came in!!! I am pretty excited about some stuff as you might guess. I could not get all the roofing in the shot but this is most of it. It is standard 1 1/4" rib metal roofing; ribs are 1 foot on center. I think it is 26-gauge Galvalume. It's the silver stuff like you see on barns, sort of. The BFA ranted and raved because I didn't get corrugated Galvalume but he did not tell me in time! I didn't think it mattered. Oh well, this stuff was not special order (read cheaper) so that was the deciding factor. The longest sections are 27' long. The truck had just a little trouble making the turn in our drive but he did OK. He just got up on one of the rocks a good bit but didn't hurt anything. We have started installing it but have not gotten very far due to rain etc. It has been miserable working weather here lately with the rain and cold. The house is about sealed up though and we have a propane heater so it is somewhat comfortable in the house. I'll try to get back with some more photos and/or stories soon.


Linda said...

According to Sammy, you aren't somebody until you have mail :)

Congratulations on those small victories, they'll one day lead up to a finished house.

Unless you leave Daddy in charge.

Rurality said...

Y'all each got a mailbox or what?! We'll have to put up another one just to keep up with the Jones I suppose.

Are you actually living in the house now?

edifice rex said...

Hey Linda! what makes you think your Dads been in charge so far?!! HA! ;) No, seriously, all you have to do is point him in the right direction and then he'll go until he's give out.

Hey Karen! Well, the 2 maiboxes are a long story but basically since Allen and I are not married and probably never will be, we thought the best way to each possess the land would be to be seperate owners. we each have an address and he is using his for his business so he is not located in the city limits.

Linda said...

I didn't mean to suggest he has been in charge, I should have worded that differently :)

I just remember my bedroom for several years had taped and mudded walls and ceiling, but not a speck of paint anywhere.

Knowing how I am now, I'm surprised I didn't do it myself!

But on his behalf, maybe he's turned over a new leaf or two.

Hope y'all are doing well. We need a new post!

edifice rex said...

Hey Linda! Well, he can get distracted, that's for sure but the secret is standing over him with a big stick. Just kidding; the stick doesn't have to be that big.
We are doing well and maybe when it warms up some we can have a cookout in the house! I'm trying to post again soon! I promise!