Friday, April 20, 2007

Flock Of Seagulls

Oh man, I can't believe I used that title! That really dates me, I guess. Just a few more beach photos. I liked this one because all of the seagulls were facing the same direction, which was into the wind I believe, but I thought it was interesting because cows will do the same thing. I've been told that cows all turn their butt to the sun, thus all face the same way, so that they are not grazing with the sun in their eyes. Makes sense but I think they do it just because they are cows and have a herd mentality. The fewer cows there are, the more likely they will be pointing in a bunch of different directions. There are those 2 rebels in the photo though, that are facing the other way. Damn non-conformists! You're all just alike!
There were deposits of seashells all down the beach but were all small stuff. The biggest of these were only about the size of a quarter. We wondered if BIG seashells ever washed up and somebody just got there before us and scooped them up or was there some physics thing involved here. I guess maybe the force of a heavy storm could cause the sea to deposit it's heavier items on the shore then.
Well, tomorrow we are going to be back on the roof since we have freed up our ladders and such and hope to finally get that completly done. My septic system is set up to be installed by the end of this next week. Yea!!! That tax refund came in just in time for that. Now, I've just got to get water flowing to the house. I don't think I've posted the new sheetrock we hung and stuff so I'll try to get that up soon. The walls are starting to close up!


pablo said...

All good news. I'm eager to see the pix.

Walter Jeffries said...

Over on my Sugar Mountain Farm blog post you talked about concrete pigment costs. For the small colored batches we've done so far I've just used the pigment that comes in 8 oz tubes. I have found several sources for 50 lb bags to use when we do floors. If you have any web links for sources of pigments I would be most interested in knowing them. Thanks! -Walter