Monday, April 09, 2007

What's Going On

I have started installing the plugs where we have hung Sheetrock just to have some more places to plug in tools and stuff. I wanted to show this because Allen says this is the commercial way of wiring plugs, not the way most residential plugs are done. I don't know much about electrical work but he has been teaching me some and how to do plumbing also. Anyway, he wires these little pigtails (what I am pointing to) at each plug and switch so that if the plug or switch is defective, it does not kill the whole circuit. This way the plug is sorta on it's own little driveway off the main road instead of a junction in the main road. I think I am explaining this correctly but if not please let me know. These are all 15 amp plugs in the bedroom and living room areas but in the kitchen and bath, I am using 20 amp plugs. They don't cost much more and just gives you a little extra coverage.
We finally finished hanging the clerestory wall and Allen has mudded it completely also. It will be my job to sand and prime it. We were trying to get this done before we took all the pick boards down etc. and not have to put that stuff back up again. I am going to set up a rolling scaffold in the living room now to finish this stuff because we need to ladders and pick board outside. We have hung more Sheetrock but I'll show that later.

I finally got my slate floor laid out the way I want it for the bathroom. This is the standard pattern but I didn't have ANY extra to try to do any kind of an unusual pattern. In fact, all those 6x6 holes in the pattern are going to have to be filled in with some other type of tile but I thought that would look cool. I want to have the Sheetrock in the bath finished before I put the floor down but I had to know what kind of tile shortage I was facing. I do have a little extra that you can see in the background but that will have to be used to do the cuts around the edges.
We are actually going on a little vacation to the beach this Wednesday so I may not post again until next week but I wil try to get one more up before we leave.


Anonymous said...

When you get to the wiring you feel like its the home stretch, I've only managed to do a little of mine..still working on the outside mostly. I find it strange that those who live near the beach(such as I) go to the hills for vacation and those in the hills go to the beach. Oh well..I'll try to get in touch with you through Fred and come by and see your place just as soon as I can find some spare time,just too much work left to do. Take care and watch out for those crazies on the highway.

pablo said...

I like that wiring solution, but how often do you have a problem with an outlet that 10 minutes of work can't fix? Doesn't seem like too much of a hardship. So what grade of outlets and switches do you use? Professional grade? An electronics buddy of mine professes that whenever I am switching out outlets and switches, I should upgrade to professional grade, and I'm doing that slowly as the occasions arise. But if I were building from scratch . . .

I vote for red tiles to go in among those slate. Who knows, I may stand on that floor some day.


edifice rex said...

Hey Anon! I think for me, the completion of the plumbing will really make it hit home for some reason. I look forward to hearing from you! and ya'll watch out for the crazies too.

Hey Pablo! Well, you know, it's not that big a deal to fix a plug usually but if it's 11:00 at night and a plug burns out in your bedroom and shuts all the others down and you don't have a spare anywhere in the house and you need to plug that alarm clock in or whatever and you don't know which plug is burnt so you have to check them get the idea. If one burns up like the way we wired it you know exactly which one is bad. The regular way, it could be any of them on that circuit and how many people remember exactly what is what on each circuit in their house? I can't. We do try to always use commercial grade parts too, however, with small stuff like this I just make sure it is a name brand (GE, Square D or so on) and plenty sufficient amps.
The BFA wants me to use red tiles also but I am having trouble finding anything red, that I like, in the same thickness as the slate. It's thinner than you would think, about 1/4". You might just stand stand on that floor and all the others in the house too 'cause when I have my house party everyone is invited! Well, everyone except my ex-husband, bleh!

karl said...

the clerestory looks beautiful.

i like 20 amp plugs also. that little breakaway shunt that connects the top from the bottom outlet is thicker(heavier gage) and will stand up better when a circuit is heavily loaded.

i like your wiring example which bypasses the weakest link (that little shunt) which normally carries the entire load of everything, past it, on the circuit.

i just wired a kitchen that used a shared neutral circuit that split the outlet with the top on L1(black) and the bottom on L2(red). i did this because the owners have tons of counter top appliances and it is and elegant way to safely split the heavy kitchen load into two circuits. one caveat is that the suppling breakers must remain on opposing phases(L1 & L2, linked by a double poll breaker) or else the neutral can become overloaded.

edifice rex said...

Thanks Karl! I'll get Allen to read your comment also; he will understand it better than me!