Thursday, May 17, 2007


There seem to be an abundance of blooming things right now. I don't know if there wasn't that much last year or that I just didn't notice it. I have no idea what some of these are; I think this is a type of violet but I'm not sure.
There are just tons of these ferns all over the place here. Someone told me this type is a Christmas fern. Some of them get quite large. There is also a really lacy type fern that grows here that I really like.

I am pretty sure this is bee balm. It comes in several colors and I bought some at the garden center once and then discovered later that is grows wild all over down here. I thought this was a really nice specimen and this photos looks great enlarged. I think I will print it on some nice paper when I get some new ink for the machine. I might look nice framed.

This photo did not come out so well; the color seems kinda washed out but these are really pretty irises. I planted these down by the spring creek where it runs alongside the driveway. I don't know the name of these or anything. Allen brought me a clump of them years ago and I have been hauling these things around ever since. The foliage gets very tall (around 5') but the flowers themselves are on the small side. Still really pretty though and they bloom their hearts out.
Hopefully this weekend will be a busy one. The sheetrock finishers are supposed to start Saturday and we will be trenching and installing the water line to the house from the spring. I should be able to buy the pump next week but I need to quickly investigate water filters and install that too.


Rurality said...

I believe that is called a wood violet. If you look to the left of it, there is a dark green leaf with a white vein down the middle. That is Spotted Wintergreen! It has a really cool little flower that hangs its head down. It should be blooming soon I think.

I love the bee balm too. If you look closely at the Christmas fern you can see Santa in his sleigh in the shape of each leaf.

That is probably more than you ever wanted to know! I can't help myself. :)

pablo said...

How reliable is that spring? Will you filter the water? Will you keep a supply tank for the lean months? Are there lean months? Do you have a backup plan for water?