Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Next Layer

Ok! here are the Sheetrock photos I've been promising for so long! This was some really tedious work with all of the rafter tails to cut around and the 30 light fixtures. This is the east wall. I would like some really cool sculpture to hand up in the gable part of this wall above the lights (those black dots).
This is mostly the south wall. The far left area will be the dining area. Where the 3 small windows are is the kitchen. The sink will be centered under that middle window. I've always wanted a lot of windows in the kitchen. There will be a short wall between the kitchen and living areas that I have not framed yet. I need to get the scaffolding out (after finishing the clerestory wall and ceiling) before I can put that wall in.

Higher shot of south wall. The sun has stopped coming in at this point and it stays fairly cool in the house. Actually, the sun disappeared at the end of March I think, which is about right I guess. It starts getting warm around here pretty quick.

This is the living room area, northeast corner. That rectangular hole above the window on the right is for my in-wall stereo speakers. Yeah! Going to be cranking.

This is the wall between the living and bedroom/bath etc. This is the wall that will (hopefully) be plywood and really cool. The BFA and I are still wrangling over this one. He is helping me pick out colors too for everything so maybe that can start soon.


karl said...

beautiful, impressive, what a wonderful home you have. thanks for the photos.

pablo said...

Great post! And I think I am finally beginning to understand how that steel beam fits in. Also, does the black door lead to nowhere right now? Isn't that open space where the rest of the house will go someday?

edifice rex said...

Thanks Karl!

Thanks too,Pablo! Yeah, that beam supports everything in that section and allows a clear span of the whole area. You are right about the door too. It is the "front door" of the house now and there will soon be a porch/deck off of it but, yes, through that door is where the rest of the house will hopefully one day be. And the deck to be there soon will become the dogtrot when the remainder of the house is built. I wish I had a little more room to get a wider shot of the interior; things might make more sense if we could view it all (the interior)at once.

pablo said...

Forget the wider shot. Just show me where my room will be.

edifice rex said...

OK, Pablo! The photo where Allen is standing in the doorway to a bedroom, that would be your room! I have often joked to him that is why I want the house built in 2 sections; so I could keep 2 men, one on each side of the house. Give him a break for awhile.