Friday, September 21, 2007

Crazy Time

Hey Everybody! We are off to Tennessee for the weekend to attend a pottery workshop so I just wanted to make a quick post before we leave. Things have been nuts here for a few days with getting ready for this and work, etc etc. I appreciate the comments left on the most recent post and will answer them when I return, which should be Monday. Hope everyone has a good weekend also and hopefully I will have good stuff to share when we get back! I ordered my ceiling fans, again. Maybe this time it will take. See ya!


karl said...

it is nice to hear you so happy with your house and studio. an interesting study would be to see how your art changes as you settle in. our next door neighbor is a professional potter and always talks about how the external forces of "life" enter into his work. moving into such a wonderful house and work-place seems like it'd make for some dramatic change.

if i may be so bold as to ask for a post of some or your artwork?

karl said...

my fat finger hit the r instead of the f

if i may be so bold as to ask for a post of some of your artwork?

Rurality said...

Psst... hey somebody we know won a blue ribbon at the county fair for her pottery... :)