Thursday, September 06, 2007

She's No Lady

Any Lyle Lovett fans out there might recognize that title. This is my Grendal cat; I've not shown many photos of her. I don't know why she sits like that. Just kind of plops there like a big sack of flour or something. Allen has many names for her: Toxicat, Grendal the Hut, etc. You might guess he does not like cats a lot.
Not much happening at the house this week. I did go ceiling fan shopping yesterday and then ended up finding a better deal online so I will probably order my fans Saturday. I think I am going to try to pour that slab under the house next Tuesday. My boss said it would be OK to take off from work. I am going to try to stub in the shower this weekend also and maybe do a little more painting. Every little bit helps. Oh, and work on the water system. Ugh.
Speaking of work though, we just had to go through our yearly evaluations for raises this past week and one of the carpenters had a funny story. This was on another job, some time ago. So, our carpenter was walking up to the job trailer to meet with the super about his evaluation, when another carpenter comes out of the office and seems to be a little upset. Our guy asks the other what was wrong. The other carpenter says, " That son of a ***** gave me a '1' on part of my work"! ( we are scored 1-4 on various things). He went on to rant about several things and the unfairness of it all until our guy asked him in which of the categories was this '1'. "My damn attitude! Can you believe that!", the other one replied.


pablo said...

You should have saved this post for Friday. It's a custom among many bloggers (not me!) to make cat posts on Fridays. If you must make cat posts at all, that is. I've never much liked cats. There are just no good recipes for them.

edifice rex said...

Oh, I didn't realize cats were for Friday; I'll try to remember for later. For shame you don't like cats Pablo! I never trust a man too much that dislikes cats. ;) But maybe I'll make an exception for you; I have for Allen too.

karl said...

i'm ambivalent about cats. i really appreciate good mousers. house cats usually get on my nerves. i do really like our newest cat (still a kitten). maybe that is why.

i am envious of all your progress that you are able to make on your place. i keep getting thwarted by new animals and the responsibilities that immediately follow.

edifice rex said...

Hey karl! You know, I would like to have chickens and maybe some goats etc. but that is the very reason that I have put that off for awhile. I knew it would delay me. Heck, even my garden took some time away and I have just about let that go to pot now. You can only do so much and you have kids too!