Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Getting Centered

Here are a couple of photos from the recent concrete pour we had at the house. This is right after we got the mud laid down and bull floated off. That is the initial smoothing out of the concrete. From here we got off of it for an hour or so to let it start setting up. After a while it gets to where it will support your weight but we use knee boards or just small pieces of plywood to step on in order to not make big foot prints in the concrete. You have to go around the edges and start troweling them smooth and then work the big areas.
Here Allen is running the troweling machine which is a wonderful invention but one that really requires some know-how in order to not screw the surface up. Allen has very little know-how and I have none at all when it comes to these things but we managed to get by OK. You have to go over the slab several times to get a very smooth surface. I did all the, down on your knees work. It doesn't seem like it to a lot of people but this is some of the hardest work out there. I know one finisher who is in his early 70's and still does a little work (finishing). I don't see how. He is one tough man.
We moved my basic pottery equipment down as soon as possible so that I could start throwing some stuff for that workshop coming up this weekend. I really felt good to just back into some clay and the weather was absolutely beautiful this past weekend. It was so peaceful and relaxing to be working down at the house. What I am doing in this photo is called centering and so part of the title to this post. Allen has been telling me for a while now that he doesn't feel, that I feel yet, that this house is my home. Did that make sense? And I have agreed. I guess I have been without a place to call home for so long that it still has not sunk in yet that this is my home. I have never, in my adult life, had a place that I was not renting or could call my home. But when I was throwing this weekend it suddenly felt like I was home. Everything felt centered.
We took my sign down from the downtown store and put it up at the house and that helped a lot. Now I just have to get all the rest of my stuff moved.
I tried to order my ceiling fans but the store said they were on back order until November so I canceled that order and ended up finding some I liked better at a better price elsewhere so I am going to try ordering them again! Still trying to get tile ordered or bought for the shower and pick out some kind of shower fixtures. Not much happening at the house otherwise. Oh, Allen did install the window in the bathroom. I'll have to show that soon.


Anonymous said...


Glad to see you're never too old to play in the mud! On a serious note, do you buy your clay or do you dig your own to make your pottery? Have you ever thought of making a few pieces and placing them in the local museum? My brother knows the lady who runs it and we have both left items for display(old tools, Indian artifacts, etc.). I think folks in the area would be interested in knowing there is a local "artisan" and would also give you some exposure. Keep your nose to the grindstone(or turning wheel), will be up your way next weekend to haul water to my storage tank. I hope to spend Thanksgiving in my own place(that is my Wife's place).

Rurality said...

Oh my, you moved your equipment AND the sign??? How is Fred holding up?! :)

I had no idea concrete was so much trouble. I guess whenever we've done it it's just gone down a hole!

pablo said...

I know what you mean about not quite feeling at home. I've been in this house for 20+ years, and it still feels temporary, like surely something better is coming.

BTW, I'm going to hire you guys to build my house in the woods!