Monday, November 19, 2007

Heading For The Light

I've been listening to the Traveling Wilburys lately and it struck me that I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel lately, and so the title for this post. I felt like such a turd after my last post for complaining so much because I have had it so good. I have just been trying to keep an accurate record of the ups and downs of building this house for those of you out there who might be considering building one of your own. It is hard. There are times when I have thought I was out of my mind for trying this, especially the paying for it as I go part. The guys at work who have built their own houses have all asked me how much weight I have lost so far. Not, have I lost any but , how much? For the record, 28 pounds so far. I have kind of leveled off now as far as that goes but the stress of this is hard. I think it is more mental now because I am so close to moving in. When you are very far from that in the beginning, you don't dwell on thoughts of living there etc. but now, all I can think of is what all I can do and what it is going to be like to actually live in MY house. But I have had so much help with Allen and the guys at work too getting me salvageable material etc. Even the architect.
OK, these photos are from some work we did this past weekend. Allen had rented a backhoe to do some work on his land so he scooped out this section for me to put the propane tank. The top photo is where the parking area is going to be and we graded on that just a little bit, then he dug this little area over to the side and scratched out the trench for the gas line. The line will enter the house right under the stone work so it is sort of a straight shot. Allen was proud that I decided on something simple. I will build a little retaining wall against this bank (there will be several retaining walls in this area for the parking etc.) and plant some shrubs and stuff to hide the tank. Hopefully, we can get the gas lines ran, the living room painted and the scaffolding completely down over the Thanksgiving holiday.
I finally finished grouting the shower this weekend! I just need to clean the tile and lay the final few pieces that I was short when they come in. I also located my power outlets on the new kitchen wall ( no actual wiring yet though) and cleaned up around the house. It had rained a little recently so we finally burned a couple of brush piles that have been around for months. Clumsy me fell against an iron pot that I had a small fire in and burnt my shoulder. Now I'll have a nice scar to show off at the Christmas party when I finally get to wear that nice sleeveless dress. Oh well, it will match all the others.


pablo said...

pix of the scar!

edifice rex said...

Ok Pablo! I'll see what I can do!

Woody said...

I wouldn't have called that whining...I thought that was just the normal stuff that goes along with building a home. It's not quite like any other building project. It's where ya'll will hang your hats, cook those great meals and put that twenty whatever pounds back on...

I am looking forward to the posts about setting up your new studio. Then the fun starts.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Rurality said...

28 pounds! You were already skinny! Hmm, I've really been leaning towards a call-them-and-they'll-come-put-it-up log cabin, but if I'm going to lose 28 pounds I might reconsider... of course there are probably easier ways!

edifice rex said...

Hey Woody! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Well, hopefully I won't put that 28 pounds back on. I hope they are gone for good. I hopee to get my studio going again soon but there is still so much to do.

Hey Karen! Yeah, there are probably easier ways but this way makes you good and STRONG!