Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I Should Have Known

OK, so maybe I'm not such a lucky so and so after all. On Sunday I worked all day trying to get the last of the shower tile installed so that I could possibly grout it during the week. Allen got the plumbing hooked up and ready. The trim pieces on the faucet etc. can't be installed until the tile is grouted but the valves and all are there. So, I get down to the last pieces and realize that I am short 6 pieces of bullnose tile for the edges. I am also short about one full sheet of the the regular flat tile to do the curb there. Which means more than likely, I will have to buy a whole new box just to get that one sheet. That's what I get for being a smarty pants and for not figuring that tile down to the last few inches. I just figured a rough dimension. And I'm not sure when I can get back to the tile company to order more.
Well, we had our first actual freeze here last night and of course, I had waited until the last minute to do anything to protect the pipes coming out of the spring, the ones in the pump house etc. But I ran home from work as quick as I could and got busy insulating and covering and boarding up and everything seems to have come through OK. One major project for this coming weekend is going to be building doors for the pump house and under the house though. Also, the the spring is going to have to be closed up better than what I have on it now. I just wrapped the pipes as best as I could with insulation and threw a thick tarp over the opening of the spring. Then I mulched heavily over that and placed rocks all around the edges to hold in the warmth from the earth. I think I will lay up a stone wall ( much like a well would have) and then cap it off with a little insulated roof of some kind.
The next major thing now is to get heat on in the house. Allen and I discussed where to put the propane tank this afternoon and he is going to go during the day tomorrow and see about getting that going. I have talked to the plumbers at work about the size and type of gas lines to run and have gotten that pretty much decided, so now it's just doing it. And having the money for it.


Woody said...

Don't ya hate when that happens...The shower looks great though.


pablo said...

You slipped in a middle-of-the-week post. I wasn't expecting it.

Sorry about the shower stall tile problem. At least those are a few tiles you won't have to clean right away.

edifice rex said...

Thanks Woody! I think it is going to look really nice. I like the clean, sparse look.

Hey pablo! Yeah, I try to get one or two in when I can. Well, the tile is nothing that can't be fixed; like I said, I should have known better.

karl said...

sorry about the tile mishap.