Thursday, November 29, 2007

Killin' Time

Sorry, no photo today. I really haven't taken many lately as work seems to be kind of at a stand still. Allen has been working on trying to get the propane tank delivered and installed at the house. Since I work in Birmingham it is sometimes difficult for me to deal with local utilities. It is often past closing time before I make it home. So, he is good enough to run some errands for me. We checked out several local propane companies and it is expensive. All gas has gone up lately. I also didn't realize that it took a while to get the tank delivered and set up. I am going to have to wait about 2 weeks. This kind of bummed me out but there is not anything I can do about it. Should have started investigating all this way before now. Anyway, at first, I thought it all was going to cost around $615.00 to initially get set up but he found a better deal for $470. So, that is some consolation.
The new sediment filter arrived this week and we will be installing that this weekend. I am very anxious to get that working because then I can take a hot shower in my house! I plan to do a lot of painting and some general organizing etc. I am still moving my pottery studio to the house and so I have stuff thrown everywhere. I need to start moving construction materials out of the house. Oh! And I think I may be able to take down the scaffolding! Yea!! I'll be sooooo glad to get that thing out of there.
Things are starting to change and I am getting very anxious to be in the house. I feel like I just want to board myself up in the house and become a recluse sometimes. I'm not sure why. Stress maybe? And other times I want to invite everyone to come and stay with me. I'm going nuts I think. Allen says that is a very short trip.

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karl said...

annie, i have a christmas seed package that i'd like to send you guys, email me at omelay (at) gmail (dot) com with your address and i'll send it.