Saturday, May 03, 2008

Comin' Home Part 1

It occurred to me the other day that I have not posted any photos of the land or garden areas in some time and that a lot of readers may have no idea what type of surroundings are here. I am tired of posting shots of the unfinished house so I thought I would show some other stuff. Allen and I have a little over 17 acres here although it is divided between us. It is basically a whole valley. My house sits back off the road about 1,000 feet. The terrain, my desire for privacy and layout of the property lines are the reason for this. Basically, the best home site was just that far back. When we first acquired the property it was completely inaccessible. Fortunately, since I work for a large construction company, I was able to procure the use of some heavy equipment to make things work out. Still, I tried not to disturb the terrain any more than necessary. Oh, a large part of the land was once under water because back the 50's, this was the site of a man-made lake. This photo shows the beginning of my drive. There is a very large sycamore tree right there on the right.
I enjoyed Pablo's video he made of his drive into his land and so that is part of where this comes from. I have no idea how to make and download a video though so this will have to do. Basically, I just walked up to the furthest point you see in the photo to take the next one. The sloping banks you see on either side of the drive here are what is left of the old earth dam. I was very fortunate to be able to use this soil as the fill and base for the driveway. It would have been very expensive to haul in that much dirt and very destructive to have tried to gather it from around the property.
This is just past the dam and right before the big rock bluff that I showed a few days ago. Some of the areas on the sides of the drive are fairly bare and I would like to eventually have these all planted with native shrubs and flowers. The rock bluff is on the left but it is mostly obscured by the trees now. We had to move a few very large boulders here to be able to get the road in but just moved them over to the other side to help shore up that soil. We also moved the small, spring creek over just a few feet to give a little more room! What you can do with even small equipment. Of course, we got a backhoe stuck right here so bad I thought we were going to have to call a wrecker. If you look off to the right at the turn there in the drive you can see where the spring creek joins the main creek. I have planted some groups of irises and there are at least 2 different types of ferns that grow there naturally. Maybe you can make them out in this photo. You can see the main creek over to the right for most of the drive. It makes for a very pleasant walk too.
I will show the rest of the drive tomorrow maybe. I have this whole week off from work and hope to get a large portion of the siding up. I received the trim yesterday afternoon and will start staining that Sunday since it is raining here today.
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Robbyn said...

What a beautiful drive in to your home :)

pablo said...

That Pablo: he's a bad influence on you.

When's the open house?

edifice rex said...

Hey Robbyn! thanks! I like it too but hope to add a lot to it in the coming years.

Yes, he is Pablo! Well, I'm having a cookout Memorial Day weekend so I guess that is pretty close to a open house.. Hey, I think I found a B&B in the area.

Anonymous said...

That really is beautiful country, looks very much like our areas down south and over eastern aussie.

I love that type of country but decided to move into town on a 1/4 acre to be within walking distance from work (about 2 mins) and about 5 mins from the central shopping district, being a country town it means it's still small and like a village, will do us for our advancing years to come LOL!

I do miss being able to walk out the back door and into the bush as we did when kids though.....ah, life, sometimes there has to be a trade off somewhere to get what you want.


pablo said...

Can you show which areas of your land were actually under water in the past? How long ago was that? It just looks like your forest is pretty mature, so I wonder how long it's been growing.

edifice rex said...

Hey Molly! Thanks! Yeah, I hate driving so far to work, however, due to the nature of construction I could be working 5 miles from the house next year so we just kinda have to decide where we can afford land. Land, even lots, near Birmingham are way out of my budget as with a lot of people I know. But like you say, lots of things in life are trade offs. I hope that one day I will be able to work from home.