Sunday, May 04, 2008

Comin' Home Part 2

So this is the second half of the drive. This is at the sharp turn by the rocks. Lots of oak leaf hydrangeas grow along here.
The drive makes another kind of sharp turn at the top of this little hill and then it is the final stretch to the house. I am looking back down the drive here, towards the creek. Several concrete truck drivers have had a pause here at this curve but we have never had any problems getting any of the big trucks in.
This is the last leg of the journey and you can see in the distance where the clearing starts. There is a little area here, over to the right, where there is another large boulder and that I want to plant more hydrangeas and ferns etc. Maybe some more daylilies!
Now it opens up to where the house sits. Over to the right is my pathetic little garden that I am woefully behind in planting. Hopefully, this will be the last photo you see of that freaking house wrap as it will soon be covered with siding! I know the house looks funny but when all the retaining walls are poured around it etc. it will look closer to the ground. The way it is now does not make sense to a lot of people but I know in my head what it is going to look like finished. I just have trouble explaining it to everyone else.
To answer your question Pablo; I believe this was a 25 acre lake and the shore of it came to about where my house sits. You can see how the land kinda slopes off to the right; in the direction of the creek. We have found an anchor and fishing lures right in the vicinity of the house and driveway. The dam broke in 1963 so it has had quite some time to grow up. I was born in 1968 but we won't discuss that as my birthday is Wednesday and I may be having a crisis. Oh yeah, you can see ol' Blue sitting over there in his little parking spot and who is now paid off!
I start my weeks vacation tomorrow although I will be working the whole time. But I will be working on my house and not for the Man so it is very good.


hillbilly2be said...

That is a truly beautiful drive, Annie. All those trees and variety, and a nice smooth driveway to boot. :)

And congrats on paying off ol' Blue! That is definitely cause for celebration.

Good luck on the siding. Hope the weather works out well for you.


Anonymous said...

Happy ALMOST Birthday!!!


My math's not too good, but I can definitely tell you're not as old as Allen, yet!


pablo said...

Okay, so my math is rusty, but I guess the trees have been growing for 45 years? That would explain the mature looking forest.

I remember when my road looked that good. Clean gravel and all. Now it's mostly green and brown (mud).

edifice rex said...

Thanks on everything Ron! Sounds like the weather is going to be great this week. :)

Hey Linda! Thanks! No, I'm not quite that old yet!

Hey Pablo! Yeah, about 45 years.
We just had a new load of 57 stone spread about 2 months ago so that helps. ;)

Woody said... wife celebrated her 11th annual 29th birthday without putting up too much of a whine. Happy Birthday!!...

Your drive looks great. I love an approach to a home that leaves you wondering what is around the next turn.


edifice rex said...

Hey Woody! Yeah, I've been stuck at 29 for some time now also! ;) I'm trying to take it like a big girl. It doesn't help much though when my Mama came to visit this last weekend, she saw my hair and said, "good Lord Annie, you're going to be completely gray in a year or two."

wildside said...

Gorgeous! Good work. I can see you have the artist's eye.

(Curious, so linked here by way of Molly in Aussie-land!)

edifice rex said...

Hey Wildside! Thanks so much for coming by! Please visit again!