Thursday, May 22, 2008

Whiskey and Green Tea

This house is the one I am kinda using as a model for the colors on my house. The colors that you have seen on the house so far are primer. Some of the trim is the correct color but some of it is going to be restained. I really liked these colors. They feel very earthy and organic. Even the red and I think they all go with the galvalume roof well. And I think stone will look really great next to the green, if I ever get that done, that is. Of course, the architect hates it. I think he just fusses just to have something to disagree with me about. I don't have as much that I can paint red, as this house, besides my door though. I may add some steel brackets to my clerestory overhang and thought they would look good in red. I could add some window boxes as this house has but I have never really liked window boxes. Well, it will work out. As I said before, I think, I am using an opaque stain. It is water based, basically an acrylic resin. I am very happy with it so far but I wonder if it will be prone to fading.
Not much has gone on with the house this week. I have had to attend to some of the issues with the land. We finally pulled that tree up out of the creek and cut it up and I had to go down the driveway trimming limbs and saplings back. The grass seed I sowed is coming up great! Finally, the runoff is slowing down. I have started on a small retaining wall around the parking area. Planted a few more flowers.
We left work a little early today due to a strong lightning storm. If it just rains we have to wait until the boss calls it; lets us get out of the rain. But if it is lightning then we are allowed to call it. I was glad for a little rest as it was still raining when I got home. My back is pleading for more rest though! We have had to grade gravel for concrete slabs all week and that sucks. If you have never had to pull gravel then be very thankful. It does build up good stomach muscles though. I'm very anxious for the 3 day weekend coming and maybe I'll get a lot more done on siding.



Anonymous said...

Hi ER, I think those colours are a great choice, and you are right, they will blend in beautifully with the surroundings and stone.


karl said...

i also like those colors.

Shannon said...

Hi! I think those are wonderful colors for your house! I used to read your blog before my computer died about a year and a half ago. I have spent the last week getting caught up. It has been like reading a good novel, I nearly cried with joy for you when you got to move in by Christmas. Oh, and your deck handrail is awesome! Expect to hear from me again. I LOVE what you are doing!

Charlotte said...

Hi, I'm Charlotte, 16, and I'm looking into career options. I was wondering if you could explain to me how an apprenticeship works. I'm interested in carpentry work, but not really the construction type, more the furniture type, but hey, skills are skills. I read your blog, and I love the house! :D

edifice rex said...

Thanks Molly! I just love the colors.

Hey karl dude! thanks!

Hello Shannon! Well, honey, you made my whooole week with your comment. thank you so much; I appreciate all your kind words. Sometimes I get kinda down and wonder why in the world I bother with a blog; I don't feel like anybody is getting anything out of it but then someone will leave a comment like yours and it makes me feel much better. Please comment or ask questions anytime. Glad you are back online too.

Hello Charlotte! thanks for stopping by and I will be happy to answer your question. Give me 'til this evening and I'll make a post of it.

hillbilly2be said...

Yeah, Annie, those colors are awesome. I love how natural they look too. As Philip said once (if I remember right), you are really "handcrafting" your house.

Glad you are getting some time off from the job!


Robbyn said...

Take care of that back! :) I do like those colors, and the stone will look great with the red touches :)

edifice rex said...

Thanks Ron! I think they will look really good also. Yes, I'm very glad to get an extra day off.

Thanks Robbyn!