Friday, August 22, 2008

I'm A Moron

No, I don't think that is a song title! I published a new post but because I started it a few days ago and didn't think about that, it was posted several days back! Scroll down to "Dirty Little Secret" to see latest. Does anybody know how to fix this? It's too late and I'm too tired to fool with it much.


Randy Webb said...

when you go to edit the post, there is a little line right below the text box that says

"post options"

click on that then change the date and time to now. and it will move the post.

By the way, I met you a couple of years ago (i think it was that long) and have been keeping track of the progress on the house ever since. Hope all is going well.

Elizabeth said...

Good job on the tutorial for your rebar railing. I really liked the curved pieces of rebar at the corner, I didn't notice those before I guess. I love my drill press. I have a big one for my wood projects and a small one for the jewelry I make. Drilling holes in my tumbled stones without one was not a fun thing... Hope you got your 3 day weekend this week.

edifice rex said...

Hello Randy! Thanks again so much!
Did we meet at Artist Inc? I'm so flattered that you have kept up with my house and been reading my blog. I checked out your site and your work looks very familiar. It's wonderful by the way; especially like the photographs. I've kinda been out of the art scene for a while now other than participating in a small group show (clay) at Bare Hands this year. The house is going well just slow.

Hey Elizabeth! Thanks; maybe I detailed everything right. I need to get a drill press. they are very nice to have. I didn't realize you made jewelry! Can I view it somewhere? I actually worked on a side job yesterday but it's raining here today and looks like it will for the next several days so I may get quite a bit of time off!