Tuesday, August 12, 2008


We got rained out this morning first thing. Get up at 3:30 a.m. Drive almost an hour to work. Sit in the connex for 20 minutes and then turn around and go home. Another hour drive. That sucks. But it does give me some time at home to work on things. However, we will have to make today up on Friday; messing up our 3-day weekend. Sucks. Well, that's the way it goes in construction. And you don't get paid if you don't work. When the building is further along we will not get rained out but we are still coming out of the ground and will be for a while. This area really needs the rain though so it's hard to complain much. Plus, this front that has moved in over the weekend has brought some marvelously cool weather with it. After the past 2 weeks it is just heavenly. We were joking at work that we may have to break out our coveralls.

I ran some interior trim around windows this weekend and was really pleased with how that came out. It is so amazing what just that little bit of trim can make on looks and it helped my feelings a bunch! I hope to stain some more trim today and get it ready to run later. I'm using up material that I have had in the basement for months so that is good too. I plan on doing a post on trim work also, hopefully soon. Maybe I can show some details here and there with helpful hints on making it easier to do such work. A lot of people apparently find trim work aggravating.

I also will do a post very soon on the rebar handrail and just how exactly I put that together. I need to get some photos etc. I wish now I had taken more as we were putting it together but I honestly did not think many people would be that interested in it! So, hang with me and I will get that up just as soon as I can.

I did post some stuff over the weekend (and some of you might remember that photo) but I deleted it shortly after putting it up. And so those , hopefully few, that caught it, you're not imagining things; there was a different post up. After I went back and looked at it, it occurred to me what a complete lunatic it made me sound like, so I trashed it. I am a little different but not nutso! And so there you have it, ask me technical questions about building things and you won't have to read my demented ramblings about my personal life.


Elizabeth said...

Hey Annie,
My family is from the south - we flaunt our nuttiness. It makes one unique as my grandma used to say.. So I will listen to your demented ramblings anyday. It will just make me feel at home. lol.. Am looking forward to the rebar info. I too really like the way it looks. I was out chopping down "poke" bushes or should I say trees (they were 6-7 ft. tall) and we had a storm move in so fast it was scarey. Thunder, lightning, HUGE raindrops. I couldn't believe how dark it got in a matter of minutes. We too need the rain so I couldn't complain about it. Too bad you have to lose your 3 day weekend. I am so ready for fall. I am really tired of the humidity. Have a great day off.

Floridacracker said...

It has rained all day here. Good solid rains too.
Maybe there's some cool weather behind it for us ... nahhh, never happen.

Glad your trimming went well. I have very little trim left to do on my remodel project, but soon my "manufactured stone" will be ready and I'll be stressing over the fireplace.

pablo said...

But I love the demented ramblings about your personal life!

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

We all post, from time to time, some crazy stuff about ourselves that crosses the line.

Some of us don't have the good sense to delete it.

edifice rex said...

Hey elizabeth! Well, I don't mind flaunting mine around my close friends but for some reason feel funny about it to people that I will probably never actually meet! Now, that's nutty! yeah, the storms come up around here very quick; i've got some work stories about that too! i'm tired of the humidity too but still want to hang on to summer.

Hey FC! the rain has picked up here actually this evening and may even rain into tomorrow. we need it badly. Oh,btw, i'm sure you could throw a pot,and all that too if you tried! well, hopefully not the 'look good in a dress' part! lol! I have MANY flaws also.

Hey Pablo! I bet you do! HA! Well, I've got plenty of demented things to ramble about so ya'll will still probably read some.

edifice rex said...

Hey Philip! Well, I don't think mine crossed any line; I just could have probably presented it a better way. And I don't ever remember reading anything of yours that I would say was too much.

Woody said...

Damn...I missed the ramblins of the crazy lady with the shopping cart...lol

I'm certainly happy that blogger has the delete feature. I have written some real messes that I never did allow out of the bag that would prove to ya'll I am nuttier than a squirrel turd.