Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Cold Shoulder

The guys are so silly sometimes. They hate to have their picture taken and so none of them would look at me. We absolutely froze our asses off today. I thought I was going to die. I know, ya'll that live where it really gets cold are laughing at me but it was awful! It was about 16 degrees when we started this morning and might have gotten above freezing, I'm not sure. I don't know how construction workers up north do it. I mean, how can you work out in worse cold? There no way I could do it. It was actually warmer in the freezer we just built than it was outside. That's nuts! We had so much clothing on we were having trouble bending over. I bought some of those Hothands thingies for your feet. You know, those little packets that heat up when exposed to air. I stuck a pair in each boot and one down my bra. Hey, I'll do whatever it takes to keep warm. Tomorrow promises to be about as cold. I'll be very happy to see the weekend. Everybody stay warm and pray for spring!!

*Adele/ if you have not checked this girl out you need to. An incredible voice.


Woody said...

15 tonight 50 tomorrow...

I'm not real fond of the stuff either. When I was working the ground as a switchman I could only hold midnight jobs and the worst ones were working the docks. The docks were barge loading facilities on the Mississippi and along a navigation canal. When the wind was coming off the river it just felt that much colder. I just loved the tears freezing on my cheeks and my mustache full of ice.

Pablo said...

I understand that up in Minnesota there are really only two seasons: winter and road construction. I guess they save all of their construction work for those two weeks when they can.

Rurality said...

Brr, brr, it was 9 when I got up this morning! (9 degrees, not 9 o'clock!) Maybe you should take off today. :)

Sissy T. said...

I was thinking of you on the job when writing about the cold here yesterday. Its even colder this morning, 14 deg. I assume same situation there. I pity anyone freezing on outside jobs in winter. Truly! Four years ago I was in that situation. Thought I'd die while laying the metal roof and the wind raging. Progress was very slow being so bundled up, Those heat packets help but also burned me - fearful little devils they were.
Yeah, what is it with guys - a wave and a big smile at the camera would have been so heartening. Try again with that suggestion. One doesn't smile much when suffering in the bitter cold. But to cover your face with your hand---Hmmm. You poor souls. My heart goes out to you.

Anonymous said...

We had freeze warnings last night in Miami!
A week ago we made snow(ice)men from the frost on the cars.
Colder this morning but no snow men because I slept late due to being up half the night listening to the water pumps for the nursery and avocado groves running all night trying to keep the plants from freezing.Happily the nursery next door also waters my garden and lignum vitae seedlings so at least they were safe. Not so sure that the Mango and Lychee blooms will survive.
I'm ready for spring!!


Richard said...

All I can say is "Been there...Done that". I don't care how much clothes you wear, you just can't stay warm. The coldest day I can remember stripping forms and backfilling was at -30 with wind chill.

Stay warm.

Ed Abbey said...

You adapt. My first year up in the frozen tundra was hell for cold. The next year I was wearing my normal jacket and actually going with a light jacket when further south. It works both ways. When I moved south, I thought my brain would fry because it was so hot in the summer. The next summer I had adapted even though the temperatures were still as hot. We are an adaptable species which probably explains why we have been around as long as we have.

edifice rex said...

Hey Woody! I don't know if we made it to 50 today; I think only about 45.
That job sounds like a horror. Cold and dark is really bad to me. Yesterday I actually had ice in my eyelashes! That's an odd feeling.

Hey Pablo! lol! There is just no way in hell that I could live up somewhere like that.

Hey Karen! Yesterday actually felt colder to me; I dunno!
I wish I could take off whenever it gets so cold! We have rarely had a day called because of cold. Hot, every once in awhile.

Hey Sissy! Well, we make it through somehow. Many jobs will get a portable heater to put out where you can warm for a few minutes occasionally. But not this one. Some of the guys are better about the pictures than others! They were trying to look really busy! Ha!

Hey Myamuh! Man, I can't believe it got that cold way down there! Eeee! Hope all your plants made it through. Right on! I'm ready for spring too!

Hey Richard! Amen! I can handle the heat pretty well but that cold just gets me. I have had to work in actual -30 degrees in some of the freezers we build. That is God awful.

Hey Ed! I guess you do but I think my adapter is broken! I can't get used to even our little bit of cold! It actually makes me hurt.

Wendy said...

Most construction up here in Maine stops during the winter, which means our "construction season" coincides with our "tourist season." It's usually a huge, confusing mess, but the upside is that from December until March, it's very quiet ;).

edifice rex said...

Hey Wendy! I would imagine that ya'll just can't do much of any construction for a part of the year. Oh man, I just don't even want to think of that kind of cold!

countrypeapie said...

Hot boobs!

edifice rex said...

Hey Pea! Yeah! that's what they tell me anyway! HA!!