Saturday, February 28, 2009

Walking After Midnight

Sorry I have been delayed on posting anything lately but there has been a lot of walking and thinking and mulling over just lately. Things have gone fine with The Man From 12 Years but more on that in just a minute.
I have been somewhat reluctant about blogging this week. I'm not sure why. I don't know if I'm aggravated or pissed with things or what. I've noticed in the past couple of months that my hits have gone up substantially but my comments have gone down and that I have lost a couple of long time readers (that I thought were pretty good friends) for some reason. Now, I'm not really whining about the comments, if you've don't comment much or at all, that's fine. I suspect that posts about some personal things has put some people off, and I know that is a tricky subject because you can't always explain everything fully, so I have tried posting about a variety of topics (even ones of your choosing) but there is still a lack of feedback. And maybe I'm just being boring on everything, I don't know. My thoughts are not really coming well to me right now; I've got a lot of other stuff on my mind but when I can organize some and get a coherent line of thought going I will explain things better.
As I said earlier, things have gone fine with The Man From 12 Years. It has been wonderful to see him again after so long. We have talked and talked about so much (one reason for lack of time lately) and this is what I meant when I said that I had been 'busy' in the comments from the last post. That's another thing, I think some people may have gotten the wrong idea about some things from my comments. But that's my fault for not wording it better. Anyway, I don't know if there would ever be anything more between us, even though we have had a great time just buddying around. He is still having a very difficult time and somehow got it in his head that if he could find me it would help him. So, I have been trying and that is a very tricky undertaking also, but there is no way I can turn away from such a heart as his. I thought so much of him when we worked together because he helped me out so often back then and have thought of him many, many times over the years.
So, that's that and I will get back to posting and replying to comments and emails soon. Please forgive me for taking so long on those things.

*Patsy Cline


Pablo said...

Post what you want (except racy photos). I'll keep coming back!

edifice rex said...

Hey Pablo! I swear, I was just kidding about the racy photos! ;D
Like you said, I don't like NASCAR anyway.

countrypeapie said...

It's funny -- I never really expected to care so much about traffic and comments and such. But I find myself checking the site meter and wondering why I can't seem to repeat the unexpected comment success of the moon pie post and thinking if only I had a better camera....

And you never know. Sometimes people just get mired in life and disappear from the blogosphere for a while. But yeah -- I agree with Pablo: write what you want. I enjoy it all!

Pablo said...

I've found it very liberating to stop looking at my site meter. At first it was like a nervous itch and I wanted to check it. But after a week or two: freedom!

I may check it about once a month, but I don't know why anymore.

Richard said...

Forget the site meter. I check about every 2 weeks. And don't worry about lack of comments. I don't do it that often. And don't worry, I've visit every day.

The Country Experience said...

I enjoy it all, too. Sometimes I don't comment on people's posts because I don't feel I have anything worthwhile to add.

CPP, your posts don't need changing. Your post about running the marathon had me completely understanding it; that was a great post!

The moon pie cake, though, was a burst of freakin' brilliance. It was southern quirk at its best and most creative. Most people would have bought a cake and been done with it, because the traditional cake is the expectation. But you went around the expectation and produced something much more original and memorable.

MyamuhNative said...

I'll try to do better at posting more often.
I do check in every day though !!!

And hey about the 12YO man, let him be himself and a good friend,what will be will be and there is no sense jumping into anything if he hasn't recovered yet.
I could use a good best manfriend-especially one with a boat :)


Anonymous said...

I'm with Pablo woman, forget that site meter, I deleted mine and it was the best thing I ever did!

People do get caught up, with me lately its packing for the move, i race through the blogs like a maniac some days LOL

Keep on journaling, if ppl are put off by your posts thats their baggage, this is your blog remember!

Island Rider said...

I do not have a site meter, and while sometimes, I struggle with no comments on posts, I just remember, I am writing primarily for myself. To help me process the events and circumstances around me. When someone does comment either here or I see them in person and they say somethign about what I wrote, it makes me feel good, but I don't write to impress them. So, that takes the heat off some. You sound like a good friend and the best romances are the ones that start as friends, so keep being kind to the man from 12 years ago, and you never know where it will lead.

Woody said...

Annie...I have to admit that at times I get a little bent that not more people comment on my blog. Then again there have been some I wish would have taken their opinion for a long walk. Hell, I haven't really posted anything worthy of comment except to my family and they all call.

Talking about disappearing; think about Ron. Hillbilly2be be gone and unheard from.


Floridacracker said...

Did I miss racy photos during my sporadic visits lately?
Note to self: check archives.

I find myself a little at a loss for something sensible to say for some of the thinking outloud about guys posts, but I'm reading ya!

My internet connection at home is so slow that I'm finding that if I don't get a chance to post after school while still on the schools broadband, I often put off site visiting for a day and then posts slip by.
Love your site though. I was just talking about you to some friends Friday.

Ed Abbey said...

I have always said that the secret to longevity in blogging is to do it for yourself. When you start catering to others, it ceases to your blog anymore and when it isn't yours, it seems too easy to let if all fall apart. Woody pointed out Ron's blog which was one of the better ones around but it became about the comments for him and no matter what we did to persuade him otherwise, he let it all fall apart and deleted it. I've seen many more like his fade off into oblivion.

Pablo said...

Yep, I miss Ron's blog.

Rurality said...

Hey! Where are your snow pictures??? :)

karl said...

i'm here too. i've been technologically challenged lately. i read stuff from work sometimes but never post because that would be tracked.

those damn site meters have been the downfall of some of my favorite bloggers. i say ignore them and trudge on for yourself. blogging is good therapy.

edifice rex said...

Hey Ya'll! Thanks for all your comments; I appreciate it. Really it's not so much the low comments lately, it's some other stuff going on. I just didn't put it into words good. It's a long story but I'm just kinda pissed and aggravated right now at how some people want to assume and judge others and not ever bother to actually ask about something. None of you; it's people I actually know. So, just kinda ignore my rantings right now. I'll keep writing whatever I darn well please.

Hey Pea! I think you do real well with just your phone camera! And yeah, people are so busy nowadays it's a wonder anybody has time to read blogs.

Hey Pablo! Well, I like to look at Sitemeter because I can see what people were searching to get to my site and maybe offer more info on that but, like I said, it's really been about some other stuff lately.

Hey Richard! And I really appreciate your visits and comments!

Hey CE! Well, that's exactly why I don't comment a lot of many blogs. I think a lot of the people write very well.

Hey Myamuh! I appreciate your visits too and I know you enjoy the blog regardless so don't feel obligated to comment unless you want to.
Well, that's what me and the 12Y Man have said. He's trying hard to work through but needs a good female friend, so I'm just trying to be a good ear and make sure he gets out some.

Hey Molly! Well, I didn't state some things right; it's not so much the comments and some other stuff but I'll get over it. I know you've been super busy and know at times, everyone is.

Hey IR! Well, that's a lot of why I write also; to record and sort for my own good. And I like to tell a good story when I can!
What you stated is exactly my intentions with The Man and we'll just see...he is quiet a guy though.

Hey Woody! Well, you know a lot of times what I write about is my ponderings on stuff that I'm not sure is the way things ought to be, and so I like to hear from others but it's OK really.
Yeah, I hate that Ron just vanished like that and I know stuff happens that people have to go deal with.

Hey FC! lol! No, sorry, you didn't miss any racy photos. Me and Pablo just joking with each other!
You always leave sensible comments and I really enjoy them but yeah, a lot of my stuff is kinda just thinking out loud and I know others don't always have an idea what to say. But it's OK. And I do keep in mind that you are even further out in the boonies than me! Yeah, you were probably saying to those people, 'ya'll ought to read this nut case woman's blog. She's freakin' wacko!' That's OK too!

Hey Ed! You're exactly right; that's a good way of putting it.

Hey Pablo! i do too.

Hey Karen! I pissed around too long; my snow is all gone!

edifice rex said...

Hey karl! Yeah, haven't heard from you in a while! Well, like I said, it's been more about some other stuff lately and I just got to ranting about everything!

Ron said...

Hi, Annie. I've been thinking a lot about blogs. Blogging is a weird and fairly new medium for people to communicate with. On the one hand, people can instantly respond to you, and offer new ideas/perspectives/experiences at light speed. On the other hand, people can easily avoid responding, for whatever reason, leaving absolutely no clue as to how they received what was written. Or, simply lurk, causing you to wonder whether they are laughing with you or at you. I finally decided that I did not like the one-sided nature of blogging. Maybe I was just naive, writing on topics that I actually cared about, more for the reader than for myself? Perhaps "write for yourself" is the answer, although a pretty dull reason to go to the effort of writing something meaningful, in my opinion. Frankly, I get tired of myself. :)

I feel like I have relationships on many different levels, and that is one thing that is difficult with blogging. Some people, I feel like sharing projects with. Some people, the conversation sticks to favorite movies. For some, we talk about children or being a spouse... for some, perhaps my views on religion or politics. The difficult part about writing on the Internet is that everything said is available to *everyone*. Employers, family, friends, strangers, government, customers...

And that is why I took my blog down. I very much appreciated and enjoyed the comments, ideas, and feedback from many here. Still, I hated the idea of what I wrote being permanent and forever holding me back from growing and changing, a constant record of who I was years ago for anyone and everyone to use.

So, a bit of explanation, since I was informed that people were wondering where I'd gone. Your blog is just fine. I might do it again, too, if I can figure out how to use this medium and feel comfortable with it.

Take care,

Jenn said...


I think there is so much going on 'out there' that is stressing us and pulling our attention elsewhere...

I wouldn't focus too closely on the blog or on your writing to reasons why the readership is behaving differently.

Don't let it stress you.

Some of us (like me) drop in only a few times a month. We just get the news late.

You had snow?

The Scavenger said...

Hey Rex. take all the time you need honey, life takes time. And busy is good, if ya know what I mean. Just glad to know all is well and I wish things were going better for you and "12 years ago". Hang in there, tomorrow's another day, or at least I hope it is....LOL

Elizabeth said...

Like everyone has said
we enjoy your blog - emphasis on your....
Write what you want and if we aren't interested that day - who cares. There's always tomorrow.
It was nice to hear from Ron. We really do miss the adventures he wrote about.
Sometimes I barely have time to read the blogs much less comment on them. But I really do enjoy them. So hang in there...

edifice rex said...

Hey Ron! GREAT to hear from you! And those are some very good points; I've thought a lot about the very same things. Your comment has helped me solidify some thoughts on the subject which I can put into a post soon. Some recent events have caused my musing more than the blog itself and I need to explain that.
We all miss your blog and hearing from you! Hope you and your family are doing well.

Hey Jenn! Yeah, we had a little snow. I'm not stressing over the blog much, it's some other stuff. I need to explain myself in a later post.

Hey Chris! thanks! well, things are going fine really, even with the 'the man'! We have had some wonderful visits lately; he just needs some time.

Hey Elizabeth! Yeah, I know whatcha mean; I don't comment on others as much as I should. I'll keep writing as I feel! I've just had some other stuff on my mind really.

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

I was scanning your last post and saw that you mentioned Ron. I had to pop in to say "Howdy!" to him. Hope all is well. I miss his blog. Take care!

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Anonymous said...
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