Thursday, February 19, 2009

How Long Has This Been Going On

This is a little side track to another subject I thought I'd write a little about. I'll get back to the questions posts next, I promise. Just so happens that Allen has been going through some of his old pictures lately and found some of me he thought I would get a kick out of, so he scanned them and sent them to me. This was the first construction job I worked on 15 years ago. It was a monstrous, one bedroom house for a very eccentric, rich man in Birmingham. Allen was the superintendent and by coincidence, the job that I met the Man From 12 Years Ago on. (I've got to come up with a better name than that) Anyway, it was a very interesting job and I met a lot of great guys that really helped and encouraged me back then. Several of them have, unfortunately, passed away now but they taught me a lot. Looking at this photo I am aghast at the blatant OSHA violations in this one scene. We would be slapped very hard for such now days.
This track hoe is one of the most fun machines you can operate. The Man From 12 Years Ago taught me to run this and a backhoe. He also taught me how to plug a tire and fix a short in a battery cable. Our dinner date this weekend may have to be postponed though. He may have to go to Memphis for a big concrete pour his company is doing on Saturday. Such is the world of construction. When he called to tell me this, he asked me please to not give up on him; he really wants to get together soon. I told him not to worry. I would wait patiently because I understand how work is for us. So, I have spoken to him several times lately and he has begun to open up to me a little. I told him I was so surprised to hear from him after so many years and wasn't sure that he actually wanted to see me. He assured me he did want to find me and in fact, had been searching for me for a few months now. He told me that he even stopped in my hometown one day (I couldn't believe he remembered where that was) and asked some clerks in a local store if they knew my family. Then, a few weeks later, he just happen to get sent to the job where he ran into the guy I used to work for, that gave him my number. Funny, huh? I joked with him that I was sure he would have plenty of women circling him, vying for his attention and was flattered that he would remember me. He did admit there were a few women "trying to be friendly" with him but he didn't want any part of them. According to him, he had always remembered that I had been kind to him when we worked together and always thought I was gorgeous (OK, I had to laugh at that one!) so he made up his mind to find me.
The funny part about all of this to me is this: And ya'll may think I'm telling you a story but it's true, I promise. Since having all the drama and stuff with the Switchman story, I knew I had to find a way to forget that man and have been really trying to get him out of my mind. I've tried to meet other guys and all that you know, but nothing ever worked out. All the men I met just seemed....I don't know, pale in comparison to the Switchman. And I remember thinking on a couple of occasions, even when I was still working at the RR, of all the men I know (and haven't dated) there was only one that comes to mind, that could hold a candle to the Switchman or even surpass him. Now, I know there are plenty of men out there that are fabulous, I was just thinking about ones I knew because I wasn't having luck meeting new ones, OK? But only that one, that I absolutely thought the world of when we worked together and knew was a good man. But that was so many years ago and he never paid me any mind anyway. But....that one.... is the Man From 12 Years Ago.
*various artists/ however, most of ya'll would know Ella's version is my favorite.


Gwen Ann Wilson said...
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Ed Abbey said...

Funny how life seems to go in circles like that.

Island Rider said...

I like the reference to Providence in this post. I thinks some doors are opening up for you.

countrypeapie said...

What a great story! Balancing on the point where anything can happen.

(And what kind of person lives in a monstrous house that only has one bedroom?!)

Chieftain of Seir said...

OSHA slaps you down for that kinda of stuff now huh? Must be because you are a bigger union outfit.

Back when I worked for a small scab company that put up kit steel buildings, we never paid much mind to OSHA regs. That changed when we got a big job because our only competitor in the region lost a guy off a roof. Roofing Tin + Strong gust of wind + No safety harness + 40 foot fall + Drainage ditch full of erosion control rocks/boulders = Death.

OSHA shut that company down in heart beat and we got a contract to finish the job that got stopped.

On that job, the boss suddenly got very concerned that we all follow safety regs cause he was afraid OSHA would be checking up on the job on account of one guy having all ready gotten himself killed.

To my knowledge, OSHA never did show up, but I quit before the job was finished so I could not say for sure.

Floridacracker said...

You go girl!

tammy (cat lover) said...

We could call the guys from 12 years ago. NF for new friend. or maybe NHF for new hunky friend or NHHF for new hubba hubba friend.
ha ha. Had to tease you on that one.
meaning to ask our your root growth brew is coming.

edifice rex said...

Hey Ed! Yeah, there is some weird stuff in life.

Hey IR! I was wondering if anyone would notice that label. I wasn't sure what labels to put on that one but I think it fits. We'll see. I'm trying to not be too optimistic.

Hey Pea! It's an interesting story anyway! I swear, I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.

A real nut job, that's who! Boy, that house has some stories!

Hey Chieftain! Oh man, we can hardly go to the toilet without being tied off. It's ridiculous some of the stuff we have to do because of OSHA regulations.
Man, that's a bad story and unfortunately, happens all too often. But, yeah, as a big company we really have to tow the line. But we want our guys safe and so much can happen on a big job.

Hey FC! Hachachacha! I'm goin'!

Hey Tammy! Maybe I could call him just 'the hunk'! or big slab o' man! Ha! ha!
I'll include the root growth stuff in a post soon. It seems to be working.

MyamuhNative said...

WooHo! doin' the happydance for you!
You deserve only the best and in my mind you can't do better than a hunky man that not only knows how to use tools and toys but teaches you to use them too.
Now don't forget to ask if he has a brother,cousin or friend just like him :)

Anonymous said...

meant to type: WooHoo
(Keyboard balks at O's)


edifice rex said...

Hey Myamuh! thanks so much! I'm just curious to see him after all these years and see what he's like now. Who knows?

Aunty Belle said...

oh boy>>>whee, here we go, kiddo!

I'se definitely stayin' tuned fer the next installment of this' I likes yore garden plan--lavender!!

The Country Experience said...

Verrrry interesting. We all end up where we're supposed to be, regardless of our manipulations or attempts at them, I think. I can't wait to hear what happens next.

Great pictures! Although the one on the roof makes me want to grab hold of something for you, lol. You look like one of the strong bursts of wind we've been having lately might tip you over the edge. ::shudder::

edifice rex said...

Hey Aunty! Yeah, it should be interesting! I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.
I love lavender too! I really hope I can propagate it myself.

Hey CE! I can't wait myself! lol! And yes, I think if we are open, we all end up right where we are supposed to.
Thankfully, heights don't bother me because I sometimes get into some hair raising situations on some jobs.