Friday, October 09, 2009

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Really, it's NOT funny that Mama got the end of her finger bit off but we just can't help laughing about it. The doctors were trying not to laugh but Mama would make some joke and they'd all just crack up. She still insists it doesn't hurt so that helps. I took her in for minor surgery yesterday. They just trimmed the bone back so the flesh would have room to grow around it on the end. Eeeee, just makes me hurt thinking about it though. She told my brother that she hated to be so much trouble of late but we said at least we had some good stories to tell from it.

So, I'm off now to Tennessee to buy some clay. Yeah, I know what you're thinking; something else in Tennessee too! Well..... maybe! Fred had actually found a dealer up there that carries the type clay I use so it does make good sense to drive up there rather than have the stuff shipped from there or North Carolina, which is where I usually get it from. Fred also wants some stuff so I am picking up his order too. Looks like it's going to be raining the next two days here anyway so it won't hurt to take a little side trip, you know.
I really need to start making some more pottery and such so I've put this off long enough. Hopefully, I'll have some good pics of my trip for ya'll when I return; maybe some exciting tales of my adventures! Hope everyone has a good weekend also.


Pablo said...

You could say that your mother gave that horse the finger! (Or did you already say that?)

HermitJim said...

Ah Ha!...Now the truth comes out...! Well, I say go for it, girl! Road trips are always a good idea, when done 'cause you want to and not 'cause you have to!

Good luck on the trip and the visit. Tell Momma that I think she is a very cool lady...and pretty as well!

Beau said...

What don't you do?! Hope your Mamma is feeling better- she sounds like a trooper.

countrypeapie said...

that was one hungry horse!

Aunty Belle said...


A horse bit yore Mama's finger??
Mercy chile"

Love and prayers fer Mama--cain't git over that.

HAve a great time in Tenn, an heck yeah, Lady Rex, make up some of yore fabulous pottery--I'se comin' to buy some, I promise!

Poor porr Mama....grrrr!

edifice rex said...

Thanks everybody for well wishes and comments!