Saturday, October 31, 2009

Spirit In The Sky

I arrived home yesterday about an hour ahead of the rain. Just in time to get all my tools put up and stroll around the place a bit. The trip up to Tennessee with Daddy Rabbit was fun and interesting and the scenery up there at this time of the year was spectacular. One day, while he was doing superintendent work, I got to explore some of the local art and craft galleries and he also took me to some of the local sights and such. Mostly we just worked but it was easy stuff and I got to see most of the campus, although not all of it.
As you can see from this pic, we were at the end of the Cumberland Plateau and the views were beautiful. It was a little hazy this day but still pretty.
This is one of the most recognizable buildings on campus and it is beautiful on the inside as well. Most of the buildings are built with this local sandstone, quarried right on the 'domain' as they call it. So, now that I have given ya'll several clues, can anyone guess where I was?
I'll have more to post about the job a little later. It was a good trip but I did encounter some peculiar things. It's been a long time since I have been in a university setting and I guess I was taken back by some of the attitudes of the faculty and towns people. Educated does not always mean enlightened.
I did find the work of several very talented, local craftspeople and made some purchases. I wish I could have spoken to them directly but they do have websites. I also did not get to visit the art department of the school, which I hoped to, but they might not have been very welcoming either. My company has built many of the structures on campus so, you never know, I might get to go back one day and it was nice that most everyone recognized our company name.

Anyway, more about the trip later. I hope everyone has a nice Halloween or Samhain, All Hallow's Eve, Dia de Muertos or All Saint's Day.

*Norman Greenbaum


Pablo said...

Keep the posts coming! Good looking scenery, too.

mountainmelody said...


Sissy said...

I couldn't guess the campus but that is one beautiful ediface. Is it a church? Appears so.

Beau said...

Beautiful view on that first photo... just makes me take a deep breath.

Floridacracker said...

I love the idea of building with the rock from the property.
No clue, but that scenery was very pretty.

Sounds like a good week. How'd the pup handle you being away?

edifice rex said...

Hey Pablo! thanks!

Hey Melody! very good! you're right!

Hey Sissy! yes, it is a church. the college was founded by the Episcopalians. I was in Sewanee, near Monteagle, so I don't think I was anywhere near your area. thanks for the offer of coffee tho!

Hey Beau! thanks! yea, it was very nice there.

Hey FC! thanks! see answers above for location. Melody got it right.
Lika was pretty blase about the whole thing. Allen came down to feed and play with him and such so he was fine. Lika is kind of an independent dog.

Woody said...

My ex-sister in law had a restaurant in Monteagle. It was an old motor lodge with steel arches leading into the motel area. I think it was called Monteagle Arts. It has been near twenty years since they were doing their thing there. I would guess it has long since disappeared.

edifice rex said...

Hey Woody! well, that's interesting! we went over to Monteagle several times and I don't remember seeing anything that looked like that type building but I could have easily overlooked it.