Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sick And Tired

Okay, I can tell you now this isn't going to be a happy, sunshiny post, so if that's what you need today just go look elsewhere. Sorry, maybe later. It's not the seemingly, constant rain that continually impedes my progress on the house that I am referring to with this title. No, rather I think it is the never-ending struggle to keep my head above water, only to have it shoved back under every time I think I might be making a little progress.
See, I got laid off, which is not bad because it will give me time to work on the house, finally. But it rains constantly, so I can't do the outside work I need to. A friend gives me a lot of free material, which I am grateful for, but because I am laid off, I don't have any income. Which means I need to be frugal with hour-long trips into Birmingham, which is where the material is. So, that and the fact that I do have a minuscule life has delayed me from getting absolutely all the material to date. Friend calls me today and chews me out for not getting it all yet, so I haul off to town to gather up as much as I can.
While I am gone the water system decides to explode. It blew the pipe out of the top of the pump and this ran for God-only-knows-how long before I discovered it after returning home and seeing that I had no water. Now, on further investigation of the spring and such, I believe that these heavy rains over the past months has caused the walls of the spring to collapse and eventually closed off the flow off water to the foot valve down in the spring. This is not good. It's one thing to repair the pipe coming out of the pump but now I have to dig out and shore up the spring, re-insert the pipe and valve and get all pipes back together. Oh, and hope like hell that my pump did not burn up.
And did I mention that, to add to the excitement and drama of it all, there is a European hornet's nest IN the pump house, about 3 feet from where I'm working. I actually discovered this last week and have been slowly and carefully trying to kill them but I think there is still some activity there. As I got somewhat started with repair work this afternoon it also started raining again and it's coming down pretty hard now. Looks like it will be raining all day tomorrow too so maybe I can dig up a raincoat. I usually keep one of the good ones from work.

So, ladies, I can't say it enough. If you have a good man, husband, partner or whatever that helps you with these things, be grateful. Cook him something special or take time for some other treat. It's easier on two than one. I can and will do this but I can't help but wish that I had some help. I guess that is weak and I can't help but think if I weren't such a bitch (or whatever) that there might actually be someone here to help but none of that matters now, really. So, I may not post for next day or two until I get stuff fixed.

*Eric Clapton


Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

That sucks, but that seems to be the way she goes at times. When it rains it pours. lol. I've had days like this myself and I'm sure I will again sometime in the near future. Possibly alot sooner than I think. I really hope you get things all back to normal soon.

Island Rider said...

Oh, dear. Wish I lived closer so I could help. Hope it stops raining soon.

Sissy said...

If I didn't know better, I could swear I wrote this post! Problems here occur and grow daily and no one around to give a helping hand - apparently I'm a world-class bitch; I bitch and/or beg-makes no difference. "Everybody's gone away". Empathy I have for you and all these problems - but empathy doesn't fix them, does it?

Does rooting for you help? If so,here it is: Hip,Hip,Hoorah! Hip, Hip, Horaaay! Annie has problems! May a friend come save her day.

May peace and blessings flow around you, ER, and may one of the blessings be in the guise of a plumber and rays of sun.

Ed said...

Wish you the best. I would help but it is kind of a long drive. Perhaps if you can hold out until I get down to your area around the first week of December for a wedding, perhaps I can swing by then.

Anonymous said...

ER, those feelings are normal, they dont make you a witch nor weak, just human:)

As you say, you can & will get it done, it just may take a wee bit longer.

Why not have a BBQ, invite friends, have a work day and give them lunch?

Is there any need for the rush to finish it all? Can it afford to wait a bit longer? Have you given yourself an unrealistic time frame? Is the rush to get this finished for you or because others might expect it?

Just swirling thoughts from the muddled head LOL

Floridacracker said...

I'm thinking you don't have water right now so there is a time element involved.

Sorry, it does seem to come in bursts doesn't it? I'm with Island Rider, if I was closer I'd come lend a hand ... and I CAN take directions from a woman ... since you are the expert builder.

Be careful digging that spring out, ... wet ground and all.
Sorry everything seems so soggy now, but it will get better.

Beau said...

Oh my goodness. I can hardly believe the challenges with the water... and I'm frustrated with all the rain we're getting. Wow... I'm wondering how you get to that part that needs fixed. My well pump went out a couple years ago, but that just needed a new pump/wires fixed.

And a hornet's nest?! Same critters I just wrote about last week? Goodness I hope they don't build around here like that. Big looking nest too.

I spend half or more of my time fixing stuff liek that, engines, landscaping and all. Or at least trying. Your comments were really nice at the end there... but I've learned that for a lot of people- if they don't do it, see it or understand it, it's just "something you like to do anyway." Wish I could help too... hang in there.

myamuhnative said...

Major Bummer about the water but you seem to know how to fix the problem even if it is no easy chore.
Of all the things that can go wrong around my house losing water is by far the one thing that causes immediate panic!
I've learned to swap out the switch on the pump,run pipes etc , but I don't like having to do it either.
And why does the water always go out on Holidays or days when you can't find someone to help?
Would it be too early to ask Mr Mouse to assist?

edifice rex said...

Hey Hermit! yep! hopefully you won't have such days or not many! I got things going again and it wasn't too bad. thanks!

Hey IR! thanks! everything is ok again!

Hey Sissy! thanks a bunch! I got it after all; wasn't too bad. hate to hear you having such problems tho! hopefully your son can come again soon and give a hand.

Hey Ed! wish I could wait! got it done tho! ya'll should swing by anyway!

Hey Molly! I take it that you are referring to the siding work etc. when you mention inviting friends? that was an idea I had but then all the friends got shipped out of state! I don't think my time frame is unrealistic, really. This house has been dried in for TWO years. at a certain point it must be finished or you risk damaging the house.

Hey FC! i think Molly was referring to the other work; siding etc.
i would be glad to have your help! i know you would do a good job. I got it tho; it wasn't too bad.

Hey Beau! yeah, it was the same hornets you posted about! and they don't sleep at night! always active!

Hey Mya! yeah, i think no water is worse than no power! i got it tho! not too bad.
Mr. Mouse did offer to help but he is just too far away and runs his own business, so he doesn't have time to come all this way. He helped with advice tho.