Monday, February 08, 2010

It's Raining Men

Sorry for no photo but there just hasn't been much to photograph lately. I have also been at a loss of things to write about in recent days. You know about 2 or 3 weeks ago I had that great surge in motivation and energy, which i realized today coincided with that warm spell in the weather. Unfortunately, with the recent sickness and returning cold, my enthusiasm has plummeted about as fast as the mercury. However, today was not too bad of a day and I did accomplish a little on the siding but nothing major enough to warrant photos. I also spent a good bit of time splitting firewood today because I won't have any time for that after I go back to work. So, getting to the title of this post; I'm sure you are wondering...
Recently a new reader asked about "all the mysterious men" in my life. Now, don't freak, I'm not going to go into details but I thought I might do a run down because I've noticed I have several new readers lately and some may be confused about who is who.

Edit: if I dated any of these men, then I say that in their description. If I don't put that in there, then I have not dated or had any physical relations with them. This includes most of the men I work with, the BFA and the Switchman. They are friends only!

First, we'll start off with Allen. Now, he is a man I've known for years and that I used to live with but we broke up about 2 years ago? Something like that. He was a major factor in this house being built as he did most of the framing, plumbing and electrical. I'm very fortunate that he has been such a good sport to always help me but we have always been good friends and I guess, always will. And I have helped him quite a bit too! He is actually now, my next door neighbor but there is a lot of land between us so no one would really know. I do eventually tell any guy I date seriously that he lives nearby and so far, no one has really objected. I have often wondered if that little situation would ever be a big issue for anyone.

Mouse is a man I met via the computer. He lives in Tennessee though. Other than meeting him, I would have to say that computer dating was a major debacle. The only reason I tried it, is because I was determined to make every effort I could to forget about the Switchman. Mouse is a good guy but I think we've determined that we really don't have enough in common for something lasting. He is good fun though, a great help here and has a set of shoulders that would make you wet your pants ladies. He has a couple of other good points too but I'm not going to go into that! I've also been teased that I date men according to the stage of the house but I swear, it's just a coincidence that he is a cabinet maker. I swear.

Cat Daddy is a guy I know through work that I have dated some and we remain friends. We keep in touch and still have dinner occasionally. We are good buddies but again, just don't have enough in common for anything lasting. That's one of the problems I have: I love blue collar men but often don't have enough common interests or they find many of my beliefs weird. Like my hatred of Wal-Mart. Anyway, when I'm feeling down or have some good news, I call Cat Daddy because he's my sympathetic ear and vice versa. We are each other's 'shoulder to cry on'.

Little Rabbit is a guy I used to date years ago and who has recently been calling some since he got divorced. I don't care to get back together with him but he is okay to talk to once in a while.

Daddy Rabbit is one of the superintendents that I have worked for the most and a dear friend also. He is somebody I can go to for advice or when I have a problem and who has been a great help to me in my career. And in case you're wondering, yes, he is married but I've known his wife for years too and like her a lot. He is quite handsome though and one of those people whose eyes actually twinkle when he laughs.

Dale (or the Man From 12 Years) is a guy I dated this time last year who I knew through work. I had not seen him in 12 or 13 years when he came calling and we dated for a few months but he was not over his wife's death, so it just didn't work out between us. I don't think it would have anyway but I enjoyed him while he was here. I am not sure where he is now.

The BFA is the Big Fancy Architect that helped me design this house. He is a very well-known commercial architect and we have become pretty good friends over the years. I've never actually built one of his commercial buildings but have done a lot of other work for him. I think he likes me because it gives him someone to fuss with and I'll tell him to kiss my ass when he gets on my nerves.

Head, Anthony, Steve and Hippie are some of my best work buds and we have an absolute blast on jobs together. Head and Hip are on this job I'm going to, so it should be a lot of fun.

Fred is the man I got my land from. He is an older gentleman that was born and raised in this town but moved away to work. He returned here after he retired and bought this land. We became friends after he came into my shop and we discovered that we both have art degrees and do pottery. Fred doesn't have any family of his own so Allen and I help him out and try to do whatever he might need assistance with. Oh! I forgot to mention! Fred's Birthday was Sunday; he just turned 83 or 84? Which is it Fred? I forget. Hell, I can't hardly remember how old I am. Anyway, Happy Birthday Fred!!

Last, but certainly not least is the Switchman. He needs his own category I guess! I know my long time readers are tired of hearing about him so I really won't go into much. Plus the fact that we do not communicate or see each other anymore makes him just a figure from my past. If you want to know more, just search the blog for 'switchman'. There's plenty there.

Wow, that's quite a lot! lol! I may have left someone out but tried to list anyone I may have mentioned on here before. Maybe that will help ya'll keep everybody straight anyway.
I should have something to post about the house soon although we are supposed to get more rain tomorrow, darn it!

*The Weather Girls


mike said...

She aint said nuttin bad about me so fer .So I reckon I still on her good side and cabinets still a few months away unless a windfall of profit .
Pay as you go and stay DEBT FREE
as much as possible at least on this we agree .If yall need cabinet or other wood working Ideas give a shout.

Pablo said...

This litany reminds me a little bit of that post I did a couple of weeks ago about the dogs I have loved in my life.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I am happy you have a large circle of men friends. There are advantages to not being married! Married men are expected to fulfull all the rolls in a relationship. This is a great challenge and unrealistic. You have several men who meet different needs who you also like and enjoy. Good for you.

Who are your girl friends?

Ed said...

So do you have a printable version that I can tape to my monitor to help keep them straight or should I just bookmark this post somehow?

I always thought Allen was an ex-HUSBAND not ex-boyfriend. Have you been married before?

Ed said...

I did a search and found a post where you mentioned Allen and your ex-husband in the same sentence. So you left out the ex-husband out of this list?

edifice rex said...

Hey Mouse! I'm not gonna talk bad about you sweetie; unless you start acting like a real butthead!

Hey Pablo! hey! that's right. Men, dogs, similar in many ways! lol!
well, they're both sweet, cuddly things. Or not.

Hey Philip! yes, there are some good advantages to being single.
As far as girlfriends, hhmm, I do have a few but to be honest, they are not as close to me as the men. I may do a post on that tho.

Hey Ed! I think just bookmark them. lol!
No, Allen and I were never married but our relationship lasted much longer than my marriage! And ended much better too!
You know, it's funny, my ex-husband never crossed my mind until you mentioned him. That is how much I have removed him from my thoughts and life. He does not even occur to me anymore unless someone brings him up. But I was just trying to list the guys I have talked about on here to some extent, that are a part of my life now. Good or bad, there are many more men from my past that I don't associate with anymore.

Floridacracker said...

If it's truly raining men, better break out your Dumbrella.

We can be pretty stupid sometimes.

... it's part of our appeal.

Thanks for the info ... we've probably all been wondering.

Walter Jeffries said...

You have dangerous blessings.

edifice rex said...

Hey FC! ha! well, ya'll are just so darn cute sometimes it makes up for some of the doofus moments. That and the fact that I can be dumb as a box of rocks myself!

Hey Walter! well, I really don't see that or know what you would be referring to. Blessings, yes; dangerous, no. The few men I actually date are SINGLE and they know the score because I am very honest with them. I keep one as a lover and the rest I might go to dinner or something similar with. Responsible adults can do that and not have problems. The married men I do not see outside of work. Period.
Many people would hold the prejudiced view that because of my occupation, I sleep with all these men but they would be wrong.

Rurality said...

OK a few of those were new to me. I think you are attracted to men with animal nicknames!

I had thought you & Allen were married too, for the longest time.

I believe Fred is 83 now - seems like my Mom told me they were born the same year.

See you soon!

countrypeapie said...

This is really a very helpful list. Between the mice and the rabbits and the cats, I am always a little confused about who is who!