Thursday, February 04, 2010

Just Around The Corner

Do you see the significance of this photo? As of yesterday, the siding has completely wrapped the house now. Except for the clerestory area but that's okay, I'll get to that. And what's more, the siding elevation matched up when I connected this corner!
I said I was not going to take time to paint as I went but I think actually, I will paint this section before I move that pick board because it is so heavy, it's just a pain to take down and set back up and all that. As soon as I finish this side I'm going to move around and top out the east side of the house that you see on the right there. Then, I'll do the clerestory. I probably should have done the clerestory first and been done with that but I didn't have that foresight.

I woke up feeling kinda crappy again this morning, which is not good. I thought I was over this thing and I was supposed to get into Birmingham today. I have been informed that I will be returning to work on the 15th of this month so I have to be drug tested beforehand. I'm excited to be going back to work but now it's a mad rush to get as much done as I can on the house because I don't think I'll have much time in the coming months. In what is becoming the norm, the owners of this new building pissed around for about 4 months not being able to decide on some things and now that they have finally decided to start, still want the building done at the original completion date. I'm like, no, you delayed us 4 months starting, so you get the building 4 months later but our company says sure, we'll have it done. From what I'm hearing we are going to be on some major overtime and this will leave little time for my house. However, the building is supposed to be finished around September, so if I can work like hell until then, save all the money I can while on this job (which should be a good bit), then I can just take off again at the end and finish the house completely. Sounds like a good deal to me.

Oh, yesterday afternoon I thought I'd do a little dirt work around here because it seemed that the soil had dried out enough and I knew it would be raining again today. Well, it hadn't dried out as much as I thought and I got that Bobcat so stuck! The machines with tires are bad about such whereas the ones on tracks are virtually impossible to get stuck, although I have seen it done. Fortunately, it was down in the valley and not up here next to the house. I tried a few things to get out but couldn't even push myself out with the bucket, so I called Allen and he got Oliver to come to the rescue. I had that machine marred up past the carriage but ol' Oliver snatched him out like it was just a cardboard box. I thought he might strain just a little or something but no...didn't even hesitate. Sorry I didn't get photos. I did think about it but didn't feel like slugging up to the house to get the camera.

As you have noticed, I changed the look of the blog again! I decided to go with this layout since my posts can be long sometimes and this should help to minimize the amount of scrolling needed to read the whole post. If some parts of it are not showing up well to you, or it's not easy to read, let me know.

*Cock Robin


Ed said...

I love that red door. Of course I'm partial since I too have a red door.

Eutychus2 said...

What you got sitting on the porch rail?...and keep on keeping on, you'll get there.

Anonymous said...

woooohoooo, looking good girl!

edifice rex said...

Hey Ed! thanks! they look good don't they?

Hey Euty! you mean, to the far right there? that is a couple of little lanterns and I had set a bowl of kitchen scraps there that I was taking out to the compost pile!

Hey Molly! thanks!!

Richard said...

Keep going girl. You're almost done.

Like the new look of the blog.

edifice rex said...

Hey Richard! thanks man!

Woody said...

Great job on the siding.. and the new layout is very easy on the eyes. I'm almost to the point that my glasses work better on top of my head for reading than in their designed position. All part of the fun of turning into a walking fossil.


edifice rex said...

Hey Woody! thanks! but now, you ain't but a couple of years older than me, so let's not have any of that 'fossil' talk! lol!

Beau said...

Looks wonderful. You must feel great with the progress, albeit back to a different focus for a while.

Getting machines stuck is always an adventure. I tipped over a small tractor in a gravel pile once (dumb!), had to use my 'ole F-250 to pull it back up. Whew! Nothing broken... :)

Attilla The Mum said...

Your house is simply gorgeous. I clicked on the photo to get a close-up and, is that rebar you've used as railing? What a fantastic idea! You've probably mentioned it in a previous post--I'm still trying to catch up!

Hope you continue to feel better each day!

edifice rex said...

Hey Beau! thanks! yeah, i'm happy with the progress but frustrated that it keeps raining and such to interrupt me.
yeah, getting some of this stuff stuck can be interesting but we get stuff stuck on the jobs sites too. At least I've learned how to get the stuff back out!

Hey Attila! thanks so much! yes, that is rebar in the handrail. I think if you check the 'handrail' or 'salvage' label you can see how I did it.