Sunday, February 21, 2010

Was A Sunny Day

There are a gazillion songs about the sun but I don't believe I've ever used a Paul Simon song before so I thought I'd go with him. Always liked his work. Anyway, as you can see from the photo, I got Allen to cut down a couple of trees for me today. First one being that oak right next to the house. Now, before anybody gets their panties in a wad, look at the photo below. When this land was logged about 10-11 years ago, the loggers banged into a bunch of the trees and they get these big scars on them, often with rot on the inside. I've already had one of these scarred trees to fall on the house; don't need another one. There was one other oak, a little further way, that we also took out because it was leaning pretty noticeably towards the house. This will also let the remaining 2 oaks fill out, since they won't be crowded anymore. Allen tied a rope on the trees high up and then tied it to the Bobcat. I got up the hill with the machine and tugged as he cut to make sure it fell my way and not towards the house. All worked fine. And yes, we had a long enough rope that I wouldn't pull it over on me! I made sure of that!
See that rot on the inside? I could actually stick my hand through the wood in the center there.
So, we ended up cutting 3 trees all together. I just wanted the 2 but Allen couldn't stand seeing this one hickory near the house that was bent waaaay over. It was like my own little mini St.Louis arch. He chopped it up though. So, I loaded them all into the Bobcat and hauled them down to the splitting area.

I worked on the house also, painting and caulking. Late today I took the Bobcat down to the dam and gathered up another bucket load of flagstone. I also used the Bobcat to haul some more fill to widen the driveway by the creek. Boy, I really wish I could find my own Bobcat for a reasonable price. You can do SO much with those things.

I'm feeling much better but I worked so today that my butt is dragging right now. My doc said I was just a small step from having pneumonia; that was why he gave me such strong meds but I think it's helping. If I could just get rid of this cough.

Well, hope everybody has a good week and that it starts warming up!! This weekend was so beautiful here. It really has me yearning for spring. The daffodils are up to about 6 inches now too. Even they are getting impatient to come out!

*Paul Simon


Richard said...

Sure wish you would get that house done and the grass planted so you can complain with the rest of us about mowing.

Two oaks and a hickory....great firewood.

Anonymous said...


Glad you hear you're feeling better, seems like the crud can hang on forever. I agree about the Bobcat, wish I could find a deal on one, my brother Ronnie uses his for everything.

I'm ready for spring, looking at leaving my employ at end of May and coming up to work around the place for a month or so until my wife MAKES me get another job!!

Guess I was born in the wrong century, don't mind the work but hate working for the man!!

Take care,


Floridacracker said...

Newmoania?! Yikes!

It was a beautiful weekend wasn't it? Finally!
I have a similar oak too near my house that must come down soon.

Get well!!

Jenn said...

Meds good. That cough may take awhile. Took a month for mine to go away *after* I started feeling fine. Almost pneumonia sucks.

edifice rex said...

Hey Richard! well, why you think I'm dragging it out so long!? lol! I hate mowing!

Hey Barry! yeah, i'm getting to resent the Man myself. I like working for me! Ya'll be sure to come by and visit when you're up!

Hey FC! yes, a beautiful weekend! makes me very anxious for more! i'm trying very hard to get well.

Hey Jenn! yeah, my doc said the cough would be the last thing to go away. bleh!